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Russia's Nikita Nagornyy To Skip Training In Order To Prepare For Moscow's Victory Parade

Russia's Nikita Nagornyy will be skipping training in order to prepare for his participation for his country's Victory Day Parade, w...

Russia's Nikita Nagornyy will be skipping training in order to prepare for his participation for his country's Victory Day Parade, which will be held on May 9th, as he heads the Young Army Cadets National Movement, which aims at fostering “patriotic youth”.

“Nikita is not yet at the training camp,” Rodionenko told “He is preparing for the Victory Parade as part of the Yunarmiya, which he heads. Rehearsals are underway now. But after May 9, we are waiting for Nagorny at the Round Lake, he must definitely come to prepare to the competition."

Victory day is one of the most important holidays celebrated with a military parade in Russia. It marks the Soviet’s role in defeating Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

Nagnornyy, who has been the head of the movement since late 2020, visited one of Russia's World War II memorials along with members of the movement yesterday.

"On this sunny day, Yunarmia and I presented a holiday - a holiday of victory. Not all veterans have the opportunity to get to the parade on May 9, so we are taking our parade with us!" He wrote on Telegram according to Google Translate.

"The large Youth Army Orchestra pleased them with military and patriotic motives, we laid flowers at the monuments of those who defended our Motherland in the Great Patriotic War. We told them that we remember, honor and thank them for this life, and ended the holiday with a friendly marching stomp of the parade, saluting the valiant defenders of the Fatherland!🙏🏼"

Nagornyy has been very vocal about his support of the Russian army in their invasion of Ukraine.

A day after the Ukrainian invasion, he shared a post from the Young Army Movement about their work with children from Ukraine's separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

He has also offered his fans to forward their gifts to the Russian soldiers, who are part of the military invasion of Ukraine.

German gymnastics club, TG Saar, has recently cut ties with the Russian gymnast over his Russia-Ukraine war stance.

Last month, Nagornyy along with compatriot and the reigning World all around champion Angelina Melnikova sought the annulment of the FIG ban on Russia over Ukraine.

The 25 year old gymnast was part of the 2020 ROC Tokyo Olympic gold winning team. He is also the 2019 World all around champion.

Photos: Nagornyy/Telegram

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  1. Nagornyy is a fascist and this participation in the Putler Youth will be his legacy of eternal shame.