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Russia's Viktoria Komova Is Finally Proud Of Her Olympic All Around Silver Medal

Going to the 2012 London Olympic Games, Viktoria Komova was the heavy favorite to win the sport's most prestigious title in gymnastics, ...

Going to the 2012 London Olympic Games, Viktoria Komova was the heavy favorite to win the sport's most prestigious title in gymnastics, the all around.

At the qualifications, the Russian gymnast topped the all around while then reigning World all around champion Jordan Wieber of US failed to advance to the final.

Wieber finished in fourth place but with two of her teammates, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, placing ahead of her, she was not able to compete as no more than two gymnasts per country can advance to any individual finals.

That meant that Komova was even closer to achieving her dream of becoming an Olympic all around champion.

But on the first rotation of the all around final, the then 17 year old gymnast stepped completely off the mat on her Amanar vault which cost her a hefty deduction.

Despite performing well on the other three apparatuses, she was not able to top the gold medalist Gabby Douglas of USA and ended up with a silver medal.

She burst into tears as soon as she knew that she wouldn't be an Olympic all around champion.

Carrying the weight of her disappointment to the event finals, Komova hit the bars with her feet twice and fell on the balance beam twice as well. She finished fifth on the uneven bars and last on the balance beam.

Komova was quoted saying that she failed the Olympics 100% after the Olympic competition ended.

Eight months ago, the now retired gymnast uploaded her floor routine from the Olympic all around final on her Instagram, sharing a lengthy caption.

"Yesterday, I watched the all-around final. ⠀ This is the moment when everything was decided. 

Until now, when I look, I get goosebumps, tears flow and the storm of emotions inside me does not subside and, probably, will never subside. ⠀ 

Everyone has already performed, only I am left. The whole hall was looking at me in anticipation of the call of the judges. My performance was decisive in the all-around final. ⠀ 

What were my thoughts? I told myself: “Do it the way you can!” ⠀ 

The green light is given. And I'm starting. ⠀ I completed the program, there was an incredible relief and the thought in my head: "Finally, it's all over." ⠀

 All that was left was the expectation of an assessment, which lasted an eternity for me and there was only one phrase in my head: "Lord, please, let it be gold." Some kind of prayer inside of me. ⠀ 

And then you yourself saw what happened. ⠀ A touching, most emotional moment, but over time I understand that everything was not as sad as it seemed at that moment) ⠀

 Now I can say this: ⠀ I'm proud of myself! I'm proud of my performance! And I'm glad I went to the Olympics! 🎉 ⠀ This is my sports pride for life ♥️" Komova wrote according to Google Translate.

Illness and injuries plagued her for the better part of her career as she missed most of the major international competitions.

However, she managed to compete at the 2015 World championships, where she won her second World gold medal on the uneven bars.

Komova retired in 2019.

Photo: Komova/Instagram

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