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Two Time Canadian Olympian Brittany Rogers Shares Her Story of Verbal, Mental, And Emotional Childhood Abuse

Following the call for  independent investigation into toxic culture and abusive practices within Canadian gymnastics , two time Olympian Br...

Following the call for independent investigation into toxic culture and abusive practices within Canadian gymnastics, two time Olympian Brittany Rogers shared her story of verbal, mental, and emotional "childhood" abuse.

"I say "childhood" because I felt as though I was robbed of many experiences of a typical childhood due to the masking of normalcy replaced by the unhealthy demands and mindsets that were instilled in me at a young age by these coaches," the Canadian former gymnast wrote in an Instagram post.

Despite leaving the toxic environment many years ago, the negative impacts still heavily affect her to this day. 

"From ages 6-17 and arguably some of the most influential years of a child's life, I was told (rather yelled) things that no person, let alone no child, should have to hear," she continues. "I didn't have the tools to navigate the wrongdoings, so I submitted and accepted the cruelty as "normal"; the screaming, yelling, manipulating was what it would take to become a champion in gymnastics."

The 28 year old athlete disclosed that she now suffers from "extremely low confidence", "terrible body image issues", and a "low respect for herself" as a result of the abusive practices.

"I often think of myself as I deal with waves of depression over the last 10 years and as these stories of abuse continue to surface: was the abuse worth the success? Often my answer is no."

"I ask myself, why did I have to experience those awful moments in order to achieve the greatest moments? Truth is, I didn't have to."

Rogers went on to denounce the "poor coaching habits" calling for those "types of coaches" to be held accountable.

The Canadian athlete ended her post with thanking the coaches, who coached her in the latter half of her career, stressing that she was very fortunate to have them after having to endure "the worst type of coaches along the way".

Brittany competed at the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympic Games. In London, she helped her team finish in fifth place which is their best Olympic placement in the country's gymnastics history. Individually she qualified to the vault final where she finished in seventh place.

Photo: Rogers/Instagram

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