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Viktoria Listunova Expresses Happiness Over The FIG Allowing A One Touch Warm Up At The Event Finals.

Viktoria Listunova, who was a part of ROC’s gold medal winning artistic gymnastics team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, opened up about the...

Viktoria Listunova, who was a part of ROC’s gold medal winning artistic gymnastics team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, opened up about the injury that ruled her out of the 2021 World championships due to an elbow injury.

Listunova told, that she sustained a minor elbow injury before the Olympics which she aggravated with the training loads.

“Initially, the injury was not very serious, and I tried not to tell anyone, hoping that no one would know. But due to the increase in the load during the Olympics, the inflammation increased and the pain, respectively, also increased” the Russian gymnast said according to Google Translation.

Listunova, who went to Tokyo as the reigning European all around champion, failed to make the all around final at the Olympic Games. While she finished in sixth place during the qualifications, only the top two gymnasts from each team advance as per the FIG rules.

Teammates Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Urazova placed fourth and fifth respectively.

During the third rotation of the team final, Melnikova and Urazova fell on the balance beam. Listunova delivered a solid performance on the event, making up for her teammate’s falls.

“I was worried, of course, because it depended on me whether we could win or not. Everyone looked at me, the same American women because we were in the same rotation group and they were there, waiting to see if I would give them a chance or not.”

She had the highest score on the balance beam that night.

The 16-year-old gymnast expressed happiness over the FIG allowing gymnasts to have podium warm-up before individual event finals, adding that she has never had a successful performance without a warm-up.

During the floor exercise final, she stepped out of bounds on her first tumbling pass and fell during her second, resulting in an eighth-place finish.

“At the Games in the finals, we played without a warm-up, and this format was new for me, because before the Games I only played twice in my career without a warm-up, and both were unsuccessful. The Olympics became the third such start, also unsuccessful. Of course she was upset. Now, thank God, the International Gymnastics Federation has changed the rules and allowed a warm-up before the performance, and we are very happy about that, everyone will be easier,” she stated.

Gymnasts are given a one-touch podium warm-up of 30-50 seconds to get a feel of the apparatus and warm up their bodies right before starting their routines. However, that used to be only applied to every competition but the event finals.

A petition calling for the FIG allowing a one-touch warm up during the event final was created after US gymnast Jade Carey took a terrifying stumble on the run-up to her first vault of the Tokyo event finals, narrowly avoiding a disaster by bailing on her planned Cheng vault and instead opting for the much less complicated tucked Yurchenko.

Carey, who was the favorite to win gold, ended up in last place.

Photo: Listunova/Instagram

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