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Great Britain's Becky Downie Has No Regrets Despite Not Making Any Final At 2021 World Championships

It has been a tough year for Becky Downie. Downie's brother and cricketer Joshua Downie died suddenly at the age of 24 after suffering a...

It has been a tough year for Becky Downie.

Downie's brother and cricketer Joshua Downie died suddenly at the age of 24 after suffering a heart attack at a cricket nets session.

His death came just one day before the final Olympic trial, where gymnasts get selected for the Olympic team, was set to begin. As a result, the British gymnast did not compete at the trial but was later given a special chance to qualify for Tokyo.

However, she was controversially omitted from the British Tokyo Olympic team and was not on a reserve list either. An appeal by her legal team was filled but got rejected.

Back in 2020, Becky and her younger sister Ellie, who is the first British gymnast to win an all-around gold medal at a major international competition, spoke out against abuse in British Gymnastics.

Some believe the gymnast's involvement in highlighting the alleged abusive behavior within the sport has played a part in her omission from the Olympic squad.

British Gymnastics's performance director James Thomas explained that the decision to omit her from the squad was based on prioritizing the team event, which relies on performances across all four apparatus.

The British women's team went on to win a historical bronze at the Olympic team final.

Becky chose not to quit after her Olympic heartbreak. She kept training for the World Championships, which are currently being held in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Downie, who won silver on the uneven bar at 2019 World championships, failed in making any final in Kitakyushu. She finished in eleventh place on the uneven bars and on the balance beam. She serves as a second reserve on the uneven bars and first on the balance beam.

"I don’t have the words myself and there is still so much I need to try and process about this year but I have absolutely no regrets fighting through it all and continuing to chase my dream," the 29-year-old gymnast wrote in an Instagram post.

"Being back on the world stage yesterday I felt at home, almost like I’d never left. Performing how I did has filled me with confidence to keep trusting myself, my instincts and to use my experience to my advantage," she continues.

"To my family, close friends and support team who have been there every step of the way, I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to believe in me and more importantly just being there whenever I’ve needed you most."

"I’ve never been so ready to take a step back but there is still so much I want to accomplish and as a great friend quoted me yesterday “This is just the beginning of the final chapters."

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by FIG


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