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What Happens If There Is A Covid Outbreak Among Gymnasts in Tokyo?

With hosting the Olympic Games during a global pandemic, comes rules and regulation in the event of Covid outbreak among athletes. "In ...

With hosting the Olympic Games during a global pandemic, comes rules and regulation in the event of Covid outbreak among athletes.

"In Artistic Gymnastics, athletes unable to start the competition will not be disqualified and will be marked as DNS [Did Not Start]," wrote the "The qualification events take place over one day. In case an athlete is no longer able to compete in the team final, if an NOC [National Olympic Committee] has an additional athlete, they can enter this athlete to complete the team. In case it is not feasible to replace an athlete and it prevents the entire team from participating in the Final, the next-highest ranked eligible team based on the Team ranking results of the Qualifications will fill the open position."

"In case an athlete cannot compete in the individual event (all-around or individual apparatus) the first designated reserve athlete (and all subsequent if needed) may take the same place as the athlete withdrawn. The number of designated reserve athletes may be extended as needed to fill in all vacant positions," the website continues.

However, the rules to be followed regarding an injured athlete are different as per the FIG website:

"After the Tokyo 2020 Sport Entries deadline (5 July 2021), NOCs may integrate athletes who have obtained additional quota places in their team, but if they do so, the respective additional quota place will be definitively lost and reallocated as mentioned under the criteria “2018/2019 and 2019/2020 Individual Apparatus World Cup Series”, “2020 Individual All-Around World Cup Series”, “2020 Continental Championships” above. Should the NOC concerned change the team composition at a later stage, the rules for athletes’ replacement must be respected. The quota place on which the NOC renounced, cannot be recuperated."

"Should a team athlete sustain an injury between the technical meeting at the Olympic Games and the beginning of the Qualification competition at the Olympic Games only, he/she may be replaced by 1 of the 2 individual athletes qualified (with no restriction on the apparatus on which the replacing athlete may compete).
The injured athlete shall in no way be authorized to participate in the Team Final."

Last Thursday, it was announced that the Olympics will take place without spectators in host city Tokyo, as the country is hit hard by a fourth wave of COVID-19.

The Olympic Games is set to be held between July 23rd and August 8th.

Written by Gigi Farid.

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