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US Gymnast Shilese Jones Says She Feels Ignored And Treated Like A Nobody

After the US Olympic trials, Shilese Jones wrote a lengthy Instagram post detailing her feelings at the competition's outcome. The 18 ye...

After the US Olympic trials, Shilese Jones wrote a lengthy Instagram post detailing her feelings at the competition's outcome.

The 18 year old gymnast was neither named to the four women US Tokyo Olympic team nor an alternate.

"My heart has been torn apart in such a way that it rejects to heal itself," Jones wrote. "I’ve given up everything to be where I’m at today."

"Being hit in a car accident, hearing doctors tell you that your back and foot will never heal the same. Moving my family and disabled dad across the states. Not all things go as they should have. To be so close to your dream and yet falling short AGAIN off of someone’s decision hurts."

"It hurts my heart more than anything to be at the highest point in my career, to not have received not ONE piece of advice from our head coordinator. Let alone looked at."

"From both my Coach Christian and I. I feel we should be treated the same as other athletes/coaches. No matter what the circumstances are. Not treated like we’re nobody’s . I want to thank Christian from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, and being along side me through this whole journey. You have helped me become the person i am today! My family has been my biggest supporters through the whole way. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them. Congrats to all the girls that made it."

"Just know they’ll ignore you now, but they’ll need you later."

The elite gymnast ended her post with "Team “Shilese” we’re about to walk into something major. We’re not done yet".

Shilese's Instagram post is believed to be directed at U.S. high performance coordinator Tom Forster.

Forster was accused of favoritism by gymnastics fans for selecting Mykayla Skinner for the second Olympic individual spot over Riley McCusker.

Many believed that McCusker would have been the more accurate choice as she can qualify to the uneven bars' final in Tokyo along side Sunisa Lee, while Skinner might have a hard time qualifying to floor and vault finals (her strongest events) with the presence of Jade Carey and Simone Biles.

Only up to two gymnasts per country are allowed to compete in a single individual final, also known as two per country rule.

Forster has as well received criticism for picking up only four gymnasts for the alternate spots on the women's team, despite the Olympic artistic gymnastics teams being allowed to name up to five team alternates.

It is worth mentioning that he named five alternates to the men's Olympic team.

Shilese, who finished in tenth place at the Olympic trials, would have been the fifth Olympic alternate.

Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles, Grace McCallum, Jade Carey, and Mykayla Skinner will be heading to Tokyo this month.

Kayla DiCello, Kara Eaker, Emma Malabuyo, and Leanne Wong will be their alternates.

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