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Mckayla Maroney "It’s Time To Hold The Media Accountable For The Damage They Create.

Mckayla Maroney took to Instagram to denounce how the media portrayed her revealing that she had to "fake it till you make it" in ...

Mckayla Maroney took to Instagram to denounce how the media portrayed her revealing that she had to "fake it till you make it" in order to survive her 2012 London Olympic experience.

"From my experience speaking up about abuse is extremely exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally," the American former gymnast wrote in a lengthy Instagram post

"From a young age I was taught to work hard, and persevere."

"Gymnastics taught me to be tough, resilient, and to overcome all obstacles…and If you know me, or have been following me, you probably have picked up that I’m naturally just a positive, bubbly person, who leans more towards optimism, and having faith because that’s what makes me happy," she continues.

"So calling out abusers, and dwelling on all the dark negative pieces of my past felt extremely wrong for me."

"I hated the depressing tone my life took on, and how the media portrayed me."

"I never wanted to be seen as a victim, I just wanted Larry Nassar in jail, and the people who enabled the abuse to be held accountable. I wanted to MOVE ON, and go back to being myself, but I needed to learn the power of my voice, boundaries, and WHEN to be resilient."

"Britney’s story resonates with me so much, because just like Britney, I also had to “fake it till you make it” to survive my 2012 Olympics."

"I was just trying to accomplish my dream, but I had abuse coming at me from many angles that I didn’t understand how to process at 15."

"I had to suppress it, and I had to minimize it, just to get through the day."

"If you’ve watched the documentary Framing Britney you’ll also see the media is hugely to blame. To this day media bullies celebrities, and athletes with dramatic click bait stories and false reports, for their benefit.💰 Not caring at all how it affects the person or families life. It’s time to hold the media accountable for the damage they create."

"I’m so proud of Britney for speaking out. She deserves to spend the rest of her life healing in peace, or doing whatever she wants. The people who control her are criminals, and abusers, just like USA gymnastics, and the USOC used me and their athletes for money, but didn’t care to protect us. #freebritney 🤍"

Maroney, who is an Olympic and a World champion in gymnastics, is one of a number of women who have come forward with stories of sexual harassment or assault under the #MeToo hashtag on Twitter in 2017, accusing the now convicted sex offender and former USA Gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar of sexually assaulting her throughout her competitive career.

This month, she revealed that she was blackmailed by a hacker.

Written by Gigi Farid

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