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Dutch Eythora Thorisdottir "It Isn't Over Until It's Really Over"

Eythora Thorisdottir did not have the results she wished for at the Tokyo Olympics. The Dutch gymnast did not advance to any final, settling...

Eythora Thorisdottir did not have the results she wished for at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Dutch gymnast did not advance to any final, settling for second reserve position for the all around final behind teammate Lieke Wevers.

The three time European medalist enjoyed success at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, where she finished ninth in the individual all-around, the highest placing ever for a gymnast from the Netherlands. She helped the team to qualify for the team final, finishing in seventh place.

"My second olympics have come to an end," wrote the 22 year old gymnast. "Because I have the second reserve spot for the allround final I'll stay in the olympic village until that final is over."

"After yesterday's qualification I was left with mixed feelings. At first I felt very dissapointed and emotional. I was just hoping for a lot more. But as we all know in gymnastics you have that one shot and sometimes it works out the way you want to and sometimes it just doesn't," she continues.

"A few hours later I started to look back on my last couple of months/year. And those have been such a battle. The struggle was real but I kept on fighting. Even tho at a certain point I was on the edge of giving up, the people around me who believed in me managed to give me strength to push through. So thank you so much for all of you. I hope you know who you are"

"I can be very hard on myself and continue to do that from time to time. But in a few days I hope that I can "really" feel proud of myself."

"So the message I want to spread is... well.... it isn't over until it's really over. Just keep fighting until the very end. You'll find it'll be worth it, no matter what the outcome eventually will be"

The Dutch team finished in eleventh place yesterday at the qualifications. None of the Dutch gymnasts have qualified to any final.

Unlike Tokyo, they had three gymnasts qualify to the individual final at the 2016 Rio Olympics - including Sanne Wevers who went on to win the country's first individual Olympic gold medal in women's gymnastics.

Last year, the Dutch gymnastics was hit by allegations of abuse as a result the country's federation  temporarily halted training.

At that time, members of the current Dutch women's gymnastics team used a statement released through Sanne Wevers' Instagram account to distance themselves from the accusations. 

"We don't recognize ourselves in the picture now being painted of Dutch gymnastics in relation to the stories of the past," the statement said. "If there used to be room for physical and mental abuse, this is now a thing of the past for us. Our current team has a healthy top-class sporting climate"

Vincent Wevers, the father and coach of Sanne and Lieke Wevers, was accused of physical and emotional abuse as a result he was not permitted to accompany his daughters in Tokyo.

"It is a pity that Vincent is not there," Sanne told reporters after the qualifications according to Google Translation. "It is a pity that the sport is broken in the Netherlands. It could and should have been different."

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo via Thorisdottir/Instagram

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