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Results And News Report of China's First Olympic Internal Test

  Zhu Xiaofang, 2017 Chinese Nationals (source: 嫣子's Weibo) Tumblr  golden-china  has posted some updates on China's road to Tokyo O...


Zhu Xiaofang, 2017 Chinese Nationals (source: 嫣子's Weibo)

Tumblr golden-china has posted some updates on China's road to Tokyo Olympics:

The first Olympic internal test took place in Shanghai yesterday. Both Chen Yile and Li Shijia did not compete in the test. Li Shijia injured her knee while warming up a DTY, the injury is said not to be serious. Zhang Jin had a steady competition, winning first place with a score of 56.399. She said she didn’t think about the rankings beforehand and was just focusing on her gymnastics. Tang Xijing and Lu Yufei played safe on vault (no double twists) and placed second and third respectively. Tang Xijing did well, but she wasn’t happy with her own performance and said she does better in training. Lu Yufei made a mistake on her first event (bars), but she performed well on the other events. Ou Yushan competed her DTY again and she received a huge score on beam (15.633). I’m not entirely sure why she didn’t do floor, but she probably would have won if she had done floor. Wei Xiaoyuan had a fall on beam (the only fall I believe), but she did really well on bars to score over 15. Liu Tingting performed steadily on both bars and beam. Qi Qi has recovered her DTY (still needs improvement) and did well on floor again.

Gymnasts shown in the video in chronological order:

Li Shijia VT, Zhang Jin FX, Tang Xijing UB, Lu Yufei BB, Ou Yushan VT and BB, Fan Yilin UB, Lu Yufei BB, Tang Xijing FX, Lu Yufei FX.

Source: 祝福体操小花们_

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