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"I Made History But No One Knows Me" Writes Olympic Spanish Gymnast Patricia Moreno In Her Social Media Accounts' Bio

"I made history but no one knows me" writes Spanish gymnast Patricia Moreno in her Instagram and Twitter bio. This bea...

"I made history but no one knows me" writes Spanish gymnast Patricia Moreno in her Instagram and Twitter bio.

This beautiful former athlete, whom everybody should know, is one of the best gymnasts Spain has ever produced.

Moreno was born in 1988 and at the 2003 World championships, which was her first ever major international event at senior level, she helped her team finish in fifth place in the final. By qualifying to the pre Olympic Worlds team final, the Spanish team secured a trip to the Olympics in Athens.

This was the last time Spain sent a full team in women's artistic gymnastics to the Olympics. At 2008 Beijing, they were represented by Laura Campos and At 2012 London Olympics, they had no representative individually or team wise.

In Rio, Spain made an appearance after 8 years of Olympic absence when Ana Perez earned an individual spot through test events. There, Perez finished thirty-sixth in the preliminary phase of the competition.

Moreno was named to the 2004 Olympic team where they finished in fifth place. At that time, all the eyes were on her teammate Elena Gomez who became the first Spanish female artistic gymnast to win a World title two years earlier. The gold came on floor exercise.

Gomez continued her success the following year by winning bronze on the same event at Worlds.

The World champion was a strong contender on floor in Athens but finished in 10th place in the qualification thus missing out on final spot.

Moreno, the then little unknown gymnast, debuted the difficult three and half twisting back layout which now bears her name in the CoP and is rated an F.

She went on to perform a solid routine in floor exercise final which earned her Spain's first Olympic medal in women's artistic gymnastics. She claimed bronze behind Romanian champions Catalina Ponor and Daniela Șofronie.

The Olympic medalist continued competing after Athens. She was part of the 2006 World Spanish team who finished in 8th place in the final.

This was the last time for Spain to qualify to the team final at a World championships. 

A knee injury forced her to retire in 2008. She now works as a coach in her home country.

Moreno's achievement: 

First female artistic Spanish gymnast to win an Olympic medal.
Originator of the super difficult triple twist and half back layout that carries an F rating.
Member of the last Spanish Olympic team in women's artistic gymnastics.
Member of the last Spanish World team finalist in women's artistic gymnastics.

Moreno has only 1,198 followers on Instagram and 965 followers on Twitter. Heck she deserves more than that.

She blossomed into an absolutely gorgeous woman and often writes  positive and uplifting captions.

She also shares lots of gymnastics content.

Make sure to follow her.

Written by Gigi Farid 

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