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How Great of A Gymnast Tatiana Gutsu Was

Tatiana Gutsu is one of the best Soviet gymnasts.  Renowned as a trickster, she performed some of the most difficult routines in the spo...

Tatiana Gutsu is one of the best Soviet gymnasts. Renowned as a trickster, she performed some of the most difficult routines in the sport. 

She is multiple Olympic, World and European medalist.

Amid her rape allegation against Vitaly Scherbo, Sugihara-Turns wrote an appreciation post that shows the gymnast's history in her senior years.

I really hope this post breaks beyond the gymternet because I want Tatiana herself to know we support her, and she is for sure one of the bravest people I ever known (hopefully same for those reading).

A History of her senior years:

1991 - Tatiana Gutsu made her senior debut this year, being selected onto the Soviet team at the Indianapolis World Championships. As always, the dominant country in gymnastics took the gold at the team finals. But Gutsu didn’t stop there. She competed in the All Around final where she placed fifth, and got a silver and bronze on beam and uneven bars.

Below: Gutsu’s beam routine from the 1991 Beam Final

She continued the year with more medal position places. She swept the 1991 European Cup (gold on all events). This year, and for the rest of her senior career, she went above and beyond with difficulty. Her routines still rival beam workers. With her execution, she could of easily taken gold on the beam final this year (2017!).

1992 - Tatiana placed no lower than 5th in any of the finals she participated in (According to wagymnastics wikia). At the European Championships in Nantes, she placed first in the all around, vault, and uneven bars! She placed second on beam, and third on the floor exercise. She was the only one to medal on all events at this championship.

Olympics - Tatiana was selected onto the Unified Team for the Olympics. This was the last time that the Soviet Union gymnastics team would compete at a major competition (It will later split up into russia, ukraine, uzbekistan, and more). Again, the Soviets placed first on the team final. She controversially replaced teammate Roza Galiyeva to compete in the All Around Final. This however, was proven a good choice, since Gutsu took home the gold. Not only that, but she placed 2nd on the uneven bars, and 3rd on the floor exercise!

Side Notes: She also competed in the 1992 World Championships. Though she didn’t medal here, she had an AMAZING beam routine here too, where she stuck her full twisting double back dismount. (Look Below)

Here are 3 more of her amazing routines:

Above: 1992 Floor Finals (Barcelona Olympics)

Above: 1992 Uneven Bar Finals (Barcelona Olympics)

Above: 1991 Trofeo Goofy (I am not sure if this is the competition name). She scores a perfect 10 here!

If Tatiana Gutsu is reading this: You are so brave. You were an amazing gymnast, who could still win medals today with your routines. We all love and support you, and we hope you have a safe and wonderful future.

Illyria-and-her-pet added also some interesting routines of the gymnast.

Also gonna add her floor from Moscow Stars which is the only time she hit the split double layout perfectly 

And her bars where she did an incredible ftdlo dismount!

By Gigi Farid


  1. Yuck. Bad form. Bad technique. No artistry. She was gross to watch. The 92 AA judges cheated for her to win.

  2. I have nothing against Gutsu. She was a great gymnast, and I support her. But Shannon Miller was better in the 1992 AA Final and should have won the gold. Also, "good choice" or not, it was wrong of the Soviet coaches to replace Galiyeva. It was heartbreaking to see Gutsu fall in prelims and not make AA finals, but it was even more heartbreaking to see them heartlessly lie and replace Galiyeva.