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Former Olympic Champion Mary Lou Retton Heavily Blasted Over Revelation She Tried To Stop A Bill That Aims At Protecting Children From Sexual Assault

After it has been revealed and confirmed that Mary Lou Retton, who is the first US gymnast to win an Olympic all around title, paid a visi...

After it has been revealed and confirmed that Mary Lou Retton, who is the first US gymnast to win an Olympic all around title, paid a visit to senator Dianne Feinstein in attempt to convince her to drop the sex abuse bill that aims at protecting children and young athletes from getting sexually assaulted, gymnastics fans took to social media to express their  extreme anger towards the former gymnast.

"AA Champ Mary Lou Retton blames sex abuse victims, is still lauded by US. AA Champ Gabby Douglas doesn't smile, is torn apart by media," said a Twitter user.

"Top 5 Reasons Mary Lou Retton is canceled 

1. She tried to stop the sex abuse bill 
2. She tried to stop the sex abuse bill 
3. She tried to stop the sex abuse bill 
4. She tried to stop the sex abuse bill 
5. She tried to stop the sex abuse bill"

"Mary Lou Retton is terrible and clearly shouldn't be trusted around children, since she doesn't care one bit about protecting them"

"“I don’t care about sexually abused kids, all I care about is my dying “‘legacy.’” - Mary Lou Retton, probably."

"Nastia Liukin and Mary Lou Retton should not be your spokesperson, they don't condemn underage sexual abuse"

"LRT: Yeah Mary Lou Retton is trash and only won Olympic AA bec of the boycott+carry-over scoring system back then"

Oh No They Didn't has even mentioned the word "boycotted" when they referred to Retton as the 1984 Olympic champion in their article's title.

"Wow, I just lost what little respect I had left for her. Disgraceful."

"Medals mean nothing when they come at a cost of children suffering unspeakable trauma & being left with the scars of abuse for a lifetime."

"I find it funny how Mary Lou is all “I have a reputation in this sport!!” because idk about you but I’d much rather be remembered as the one who has some beef with USAG but who spoke out against the abuse happening and sided with the victims than that overrated lady who tried to stop a sexual abuse bill"

A gymnastics fan edited Retton's Wikipedia page adding the word "boycotted" along side the 1984 Olympics, however it was taken out later.

Tumblr blogger illyria-and-her-pet made a post on the social media site pointing out that this is not the first time for Retton to do or say something controversial.

"Honestly, I knew about her political views already (the flag thing [ NFL anthem protest] is unsurprising given her…other comments throughout the years), so I already found her to be a distasteful human. But the thing about visiting Feinstein to persuade them that a bill aimed to PROTECT CHILDREN FROM SEX ABUSE wasn’t necessary?!? F*** right outta there with that b*******."

"Does she know how many people she has offended with her extremely judgmental views on racism, homosexuality and defending sex offenders?"

US  Olympic gold medalist Dominque Moceanu heavily implied that Retton's goal has always been about protecting former US head coaches Karolyis, who are well known for being abusive and that she "gets good treatment too".

Sexual abuse scandal broke out when more than hundred of women came forward and alleged that former US team doctor Larry Nassar sexually abused them. US gymnastics has been accused of covering up the abuse.

Written by Gigi Farid

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  1. Why is it wrong to say the 84 Olympics were boycotted? That's a fact. Why wouldn't wikipedia allow a FACT to stand?