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Confirmed: US Olympic Champion Mary Lou Retton Tried To Stop Sex Abuse Bill That Aimed At Protecting Children

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that US Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton did not want a sex abuse bill to be approved by the cou...

It has been confirmed by multiple sources that US Olympic champion Mary Lou Retton did not want a sex abuse bill to be approved by the country's senate.

The bill aims at protecting children and young athletes from getting sexually abused. It requires the governing bodies to immediately report child and sex abuse allegation to authorities. 

The bill would also make failure to do so a crime.

USA Gymnastics would have to implement and enforce policies to ensure coaches and personnel are trained in sexual abuse prevention. 

Retton along with Steve Penny went to senator Dianne Feinstein in attempt to convince her to drop the bill citing that the federation’s policies were solid and that gymnastics was a happy, safe place despite sexual abuse allegation against the federation continuing to pile up.

USAG was blasted by the senators for their attitude in handling the scandal. Feinstein firmly believes that the organization knew about the sexual abuse of their team physician Larry Nassar who preyed on more than hundred of children and young athletes.

As of last May, houses of representative passed the bill.

US Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu was among the sources that confirmed the visit of Retton to Feinstein's office.

It is said that  Retton was one of those who left supportive comments on Nassar's Facebook when Jamie Dantzscher’s then anonymous allegations came out.

Since last year, more than 100 women and girls came forward and accused Nassar of sexual misconduct while working at the organization and the University. 

Nassar, who was the team doctor for U.S. gymnasts at several Olympics, is as well facing charges of child pornography possession and first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a family friend allegedly abused from the age of 6 until she was 12.

Retton is best known for being the first US gymnast to win an Olympic all around title  although it was in a boycotted Olympics (1984 Los Angles) where most of the A listed gymnasts were prevented from competing at.

Written by Gigi Farid

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