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Russian Former Gymnast Khorkina Believes There Was A Conspiracy Against Her In Athens

Svetlana Khorkina did not have the success she wanted at 2004 Athens Olympics and that was because there was a conspiracy against her, so...

Svetlana Khorkina did not have the success she wanted at 2004 Athens Olympics and that was because there was a conspiracy against her, so she believes.

The former Russian gymnast was aiming at becoming the first post Soviet Russian gymnast to win an Olympic all around gold medal.

Having won the gold medal on uneven bars at 1996 Atlanta Olympics and 2000 Sydney Olympics, she wanted to become the first gymnast since Soviet Larisa Latynina to win gold on the same event at three Olympic Games.

Latynina won gold on floor exercise at the 1956, 1960 and 1964 Olympics.

However, she came second to American gymnast Carly Patterson at the all around final and finished in eighth place on the uneven bars in the event final after suffering a fall. 

The gold medal went to France's Emilie Le Pennec.

According to her new book whose highlights were tweeted by gymnastics blogger Luba Baladzhaeva‏, Khorkina is certain that her Athens outcome was the result of sabotage.

She claimed that they intentionally did not give her enough time to prepare the uneven bars during the event final.

After receiving her score, she immediately left the arena despite it being against the rules.

She cried herself to sleep. She compared her then morning face to the athletes from the Chinese delegation.

"Next morning I woke up with my eyes all puffy thus looking like a girl from the Chinese delegation" Khorkina wrote.

The 38 year old athlete revealed that she would have continued competing until Beijing 2008, had she won the bars gold.

After the all around finals, she told reporters that she blames the judges for her defeat, saying her loss was “because I’m from Russia, not from America.”

In our interview with Carly Patterson back in 2014, she told us that both her and her coach laughed at Khorkina's comments and that it never bothered her.

"My gold that night came from pure hard work, seizing the moment and having the best all-around competition of my life" said Patterson.

The legendary gymnast was the heavy favorite to win the Olympic all around gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. During the final, the vault was set 5 cm too low and Khorkina was one of the gymnasts who competed on the incorrectly set vault which resulted in her fall.

Psychologically devastated, she fell on the uneven bars at the following rotation. Khorkina wrote in her book that she should have sued the officials over damaging her chances of winning the all around gold.

"Both Sydney and Athens are still fresh and bleeding wounds for me" she wrote.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photos by Sing Lo


  1. Wow! What an entitled BRAT! I can't believe the racist and entitled crap that comes out of her mouth and is allowable? And this stupid attitude that the Russians have that everything is not fair and the world is out to get them because they are not American. Get a life. So sick of this. How about we re-evaluate ourselves per our PERFORMANCES not the shape of your eyes or color of your skin or nationality. I can't believe people actually idolize an athlete with this kind of attitude.

  2. A lot of her wins were a joke especially that eyar she won bars with a mistake and the girl from France was robbed. I think it was 96