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Getting To Know Chen Yile And Liu Tingting As Per Chinese Media

CCTV-5 sports channel  has done a report on Chinese gymnastics stars Chen Yile and Liu Tingting. Chen Yile and Liu Tingting shone at th...

CCTV-5 sports channel has done a report on Chinese gymnastics stars Chen Yile and Liu Tingting.

Chen Yile and Liu Tingting shone at the 2017 National Chinese Games where the led their province to win gold in the team final.

In the individual all around final, they went one-two. Yile edged Tingting for the gold. At the events final, Yile and Tingting won silver and bronze receptively on balance beam and floor exercise. 

Yile is 15 years old and will turn senior next year while Tingting is 17 years old and was originally selected as part of the 2016 Olympic team but was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Tingting will be seen competing at the upcoming World championships which will be held between October 2 and 8 in Montreal, Canada.

Thanks to russiangymbreaksmyheart on Tumblr, we get a summary of the report:

  • Before the start of the AA final, the coaches were worried about Tingting, cos she had a minor leg injury, but the girl opposite her sitting in a daze was Chen Yile. 
  • When Yile ranked first in quals, people were surprised. Yile is now being trained by national team coaches Wang Qunce and Xu Jinglei. In only half a year worth of training with them she has changed from an unknown member of the Guangdong team to one of the AA stars
  • Coach Wang says she’s a very intelligent athlete, who thinks a lot, which is why she has made so many improvements in only about half a year to become a gold medal AA contender.
  • Despite her young age, she’s very mature. Coach Wang is nearly 60 and she’d tell him to be careful of his health, tell him what to eat, what not to eat, to give up smoking etc.
  • Yile and Tingting have a very good relationship, not only are they both on the same provincial team, in fact Yile’s floor exercise was Tingting’s old routine, and it was Tingting who taught it to her. 
  • Tingting describes her as quiet and being in a daze or lost in her own world. You can ask Yile questions about where she went, what she did and Yile would just stare at you blankly.
  • Yile says sometimes she can’t understand what people are saying, the interviewer asks her whether this is because she is from Guangdong (so there is a language barrier, because Cantonese is commonly spoken in Guangdong) and she said no, it’s just that she’s in a daze and misses out what people say to her.
  • Yile’s a great artist, you can see her drawings .
  • Despite all this, when Yile goes onto the competition floor, she becomes very composed. She hit all her routines successfully in Nationals, coaches described her performance as very ‘stable’/’solid’, but actually after she got off the podium from balance beam the coaches found that she was so nervous that her hands had turned cold. Yile says yes, she was very nervous, even though she might not look nervous, her whole body was actually shaking with nerves. Commentator praises her for being able to perform so well even while being so nervous. 
  • Yile says everyday she dreams about being able to go to the Olympic Games, that’s her greatest wish. Her goal is always to be number 1. 

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