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Raisman Performed Double Onodi And Ponor Is An Olympic Vault Finalist

Ponor/ Photo by Jeni Hull A year ago, Bustle wrote a gymnastics related article and not only did they not get the facts straight but a...

Ponor/ Photo by Jeni Hull
A year ago, Bustle wrote a gymnastics related article and not only did they not get the facts straight but also have created an alternate reality of the sport.

The article started with explaining what Onodi is. They said when a gymnast jumps backwards, then does a half twist into a front handspring and that it is named after Hungary's Henrietta Onodi although it was first performed by Soviet Olga Mostepanova, which is correct.

However, it mentioned that all gymnastics elements are assigned a difficulty rating, ranging from "A" to "I" WRONG not all gymnastics element but the floor ones are. The difficulty rating of elements on balance beam and uneven bars ranges from A to G.

They wrote that Onodi is worth an F which again is wrong. It is worth a D on beam.

They then linked to a balance beam routine performed by US Nastia Liukin which included an Onodi and mentioned that the skill is also performed on floor exercise and that US ALY RAISMAN competed a DOUBLE version of it.

Everybody, this is an Onodi:
GIF xygretel
And there is no such a thing called a double Onodi, neither on beam nor on floor, and Raisman has never performed Onodi neither on beam nor on floor.

Could the writer have confused Onodi with Arabian? Raisman does compete two types of the Arabian skill, the tucked and the piked ones. She competes double Arabians, and the Arabian on beam is rated an F.

But the writer did acknowledge what's an Onodi at the beginning of the article and that Liukin competed one. Liukin never competed an Arabian.

The writer goes on to mention that Romania's Catalina Ponor attempted the move 'the double Onodi' and that was on vault! During the vault finals in Rio!

Ponor doesn't do Arabians, in fact Romanians don't do Arabians - that's if the writer had an Arabian in their minds while typing Onodi. Ponor has never had two different vaults thus has never competed in vault finals.

In this what we should call alternate reality, Ponor falls on the Onodi vault and finishes in 7th place.

In the real life Olympics, Ponor qualifies to the balance beam final and finishes 7th but she dioes not suffer any falls. It is worth mentioning that she did not perform on vault at this Olympics. 

Actually, Ponor has never fallen off any apparatus in competitions but this one time on vault during the 2016 Olympic test events.

Thanks to Notanotherwolfturn, the article went viral on Tumblr. One of Tumblr users went as far as creating a video that shows the Romanian gymnast competing an Onodi on vault and falling.

While another created a GIF of a double Onodi on balance beam.

Written by Gigi Farid

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