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Former Olympic Gymnast Andreea Raducan Runs For Romanian Federation Presidency

Raducan @Facebook Romania's one of the most successful gymnasts Andreea Raducan has decided to run for the presidency of the countr...

Romania's one of the most successful gymnasts Andreea Raducan has decided to run for the presidency of the country's gymnastics federation against Adrian Stoica.

Stoica has held this position for three consecutive terms. He has come under heavy attack in the past two years for the poor performance of the Romanian team. At the last World championships, they finished in 13th place in the qualification - the first time since 1974 they had finished worse than fourth. Laura Jurca and Larisa Iordache, managed to qualify to the all around final while Romania had no representation in the events final.

After the World championships, Stoica was sent an open later by the Romanian Olympic Committee where they urged him to find a solution to the downfall of the country's gymnastics recommending him to hire foreign coaches for uneven bars and sports psychologists to help the gymnasts.

He was offended by the letter accusing the committee of politicizing the situation adding that he is pleased with the results and that the downfall was only temporarily.

At last year's Rio Test Event, they failed to qualify a full team to the Olympics for the first time in 48 years. They were only able to send one gymnast to Rio, veteran Catalina Ponor, who failed to bring home a medal.

Raducan is five months pregnant with her husband businessman Daniel Tandreu whom she married last year.

Three time Olympic champion Catalina Ponor has previously announced her support for Raducan in leading the Romanian gymnastics federation.

Raducan is the winner of eight World championships medals, five of which are gold. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she led her team to win their first Olympic gold medal ever in a non boycott Olympics and won a silver medal on vault. She crowned as the original winner of the Olympic all around gold but was shortly stripped of it after testing positive for a banned substance. The elite gymnast, who was then underage, was widely believed to be innocent and the rightful winner of the medal, and that she took two pills of cold at the recommendation of the team doctor, not knowing that it contained the banned substance 

Răducan was exonerated of any personal wrongdoing by the Romanian Olympic Committee, and therefore was not subjected to the sporting ban usually imposed on athletes involved in doping cases. 

Written by Gigi Farid.

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