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Larisa Iordache Cannot Forgive Herself For the Mistake She Has Done In Cluj While Catalina Ponor Is Not Retiring Anytime Soon

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni As the 2017 European Championships came to an end last week, we are looking back at it through the statemen...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

As the 2017 European Championships came to an end last week, we are looking back at it through the statements made by home-crowd favourites and European beam medallists Larisa Iordache and Catalina Ponor after their winning performances.

Larisa Iordache, who won bronze on beam in Cluj, told TVR that finishing on the podium made her happy but that she still cannot forgive herself for the mistake she made on beam during the final. Iordache competed a flawless routine on beam, but overrotated her triple-twisting dismount and had to take several big steps back.

“The beam final started well for me, as I was feeling very well, and the crowd helped us very much. After completing my routine, however, while I was waiting for my score, I kept reminding myself that it was my own fault that I was missing out on an important medal.
I am happy that I made the podium at these Europeans, considering all that happened in the past two months, and that I cound train only for one month. I am glad I ended up here, but I am also sorry that I lost because of my mistake. This is something that I cannot forgive myself for. I am disappointed with my performance, I could have performed a far better landing and then I would have won a more prestigious medal.”

Iordache has only one wish now, to stay healthy in order to properly train. She aims to compete at the 2017 Montreal World Championships in October, and hopes she will be 100 percent ready for it.

“I hope I will stay healthy. I will be thinking about the upcoming competitions now, and then I will take a short break. I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that in Montreal I will be in a shape that I am comfortable with.”

On the other hand, Catalina Ponor continues to make history for Romania, as in Cluj she added her fifth continental gold medal on beam to her impressive career record. She told TVR that she was extremely happy about her victory, as she had been fighting for that  medal for a long time. This, she added, represents a new beginning for her, and her next goal is to compete in Montreal.

“I am so happy about winning this medal. My positive thoughts and emotions helped me raise once again the Romanian flag to the first place of the podium. It was a very emotional moment for me, because I have been fighting for this medal for a very long time.

For me this is a new beginning, because everybody knows that I am not going to retire. My first goal was to be here in Cluj, and my second one is to compete at the World Championships in Canada. Everybody looks forward to that competition.

Our moments of joy were brief and they are already gone. One minute, maybe two, the time we stood on the podium, when everybody was cheering for us, appreciating us and applauding us. Now we are heading back to the gym to resume our daily training and routines, as all athletes do. After a few days of recovery, we will head back to the gym.”
Right after the end of the European Championships, Catalina showed her gratitude to her fans through an Instragram post, saying that she hoped that Cluj was a good training for her for the real test to come, the World Championships.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your encouragements, congratulations and all the people that stood beside me all the way through this European Championships. I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to demonstrate that everything I do, I do it with pleasure, dedication and with full commitment.

I finally succeeded in winning the medal I have been wanting for so long, despite health problems, intrigues and maybe incertitude.

I had faith in me, I kept moving forward and I have finally succeeded, with what I had and when I could. I hope this will turn out to be good training for the World Championships in Canada.

Written by Alex Mladinescu

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