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Romania Preparing For Euros

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni Forminte talks about the team’s current situation with Larisa and Catalina coming to Deva for evaluations and ...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Forminte talks about the team’s current situation with Larisa and Catalina coming to Deva for evaluations and his thoughts on the CoP, Larisa shares her hopes for Euros, and Nadia talks about Euros and how Larisa and Catalina are the best bets for medals. 

The translations are under the cut.

Nicolae Forminte

According to the head coach, both Larisa and Catalina will be coming to Deva every now and then so he can evaluate and guide them, and so he can discuss with their coaches about what needs to be done in training. While he says this is an atypical situation, he acknowledges that Romanian gymnastics itself is going through an atypical situation, so they need to find new ways to get good results. He sees Larisa’s visit to Deva as a good thing, she’s a very talented gymnast, so he hopes she overcame last year’s bad luck and starting with Euros, she can start training / competing at the highest level. 

Asked about how did the girls in Deva receive Larisa’s recent visit, he said that the girls are friends and team mates no matter where they train, so whenever Larisa comes to Deva, or the girls go to Bucharest, they’re well received because they’re a team and they support each other.

The interviewer says he overheard Forminte talk to a colleague about the CoP and asks whether this is the big problem for Romanian coaches and gymnasts. Forminte says that they were able to master the old code and make the most of it, but this code is not for amateurs. It needs to be understood and everything, starting with children selection and until gymnasts make the national team, needs to follow some well thought out steps. The CoP is the same for everyone, it depends on each nation and federation how they work with it. They were caught off guard, and they still can’t organize all sports structures to cater to this CoP’s requirements and that’s a problem.

On whether he thinks they’ll have a good showing at Euros, he says it only takes one quad to tear down what was built in ten. They hope they can stop the fall and slowly start to climb up. This time they need to be patient and smart. They need to be smart with making the most out of what they have, and the people they can work with. This CoP is not for everyone, the time when any child that came into the Olympic Center in Deva could became a champion have passed, in this CoP the only ones that will become champions are the ones that have the necessary qualities, are willing to work, are healthy and have a bit of luck.

Larisa Iordache

She’s hoping she can be healthy for Euros, because then she’ll have consistent training and she’s sure she can reach her best shape for this competition. Her plan is to train consistently, and then there are the competitions before Euros (she’s already been confirmed for Stuttgart). 

It was nice to train again with the girls in Deva and she hopes they, too, can reach their goals and make progress every day, since that’s what’s the most important for a gymnast.

Asked if she sees Euros as a test on her way to Words, she says that’s true, but she’s taking everything step by step, and hopes she can have a good showing at Euros, as this can be a starting point for her and she can then go to Worlds feeling more confident. 

She says she’s optimistic and that’s what’s helping her every day in the gym.

Nadia Comaneci

‘I never challenge the Federation’s decisions, and I know Larisa and Catalina will be part of the team. I don’t know who are the other two girls that will be on the team, probably they’ll be chosen based on the shape they’re in. Our biggest chances are Larisa Iordache in the AA, beam and floor, and Ponor on beam if she hits the routine she’s training. Anything else will be a bonus. Of course, I will be at the European Championships, I’m the competition’s ambassador.’

(On Catalina’s plan to keep going at 29 years old) ‘It’s rare to see such a big competition in Romania, so if Ponor wants to, that’s great. I also stayed in training because the 1981 University Games were held in Bucharest. I wanted to end my career at home, because my parents never had the chance to see me compete.’

Written by Aly126

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