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Larisa Iordache "Simone Biles And I Have Always Supported Each Other"

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni With eight European medals and four World medals, Larisa Iordache was Romania's most successful gymnast th...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
With eight European medals and four World medals, Larisa Iordache was Romania's most successful gymnast this quad. She could not fly to Rio's Test Event to help her team qualify to the Olympics due to injury. She went to Rio Olympics as an alternate for Catalina Ponor, who received Romania's sole berth.

Gigi: Are you eyeing 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Larisa: It's difficult to say what I will be doing at the time of the Tokyo Olympics which is four years from now. I want to compete in every competition and take everything step by step, and if my health allowed me, why not.

Gigi: A lot of gymnastics fans felt that you deserved to earn Romania's individual spot at the Olympics, what do you think about that?

Larisa: There were so many speculations regarding me competing in Rio. But all this belong to the past right now, my wish was to be there with a Romanian team, both men and women. Like I said this is in the past now and we have to be optimistic for the future in order to bring good results.

Gigi: What do you think of the 2017-2020 CoP?

Larisa: I'm not qualified to comment on the code of points, but I can say that it's not difficult for me.

Gigi: Who impressed you the most in Rio? 

Larisa: Hands down, Simone [Biles] was the best and I appreciate her very much and appreciate all she has done.

Gigi: There was some sort of conflict between you and teammate Catalina Ponor during the Olympics, has it been resolved?

Larisa: There was never a conflict between me and Catalina.

Gigi: When are we going to see you compete again?

Larisa: As soon as possible

Gigi: What goals have you set for yourself in the upcoming quad?

Larisa: First, all I want is to be healthy to be able to follow the training program in order to achieve my goals and to achieve everything I want in every competition. 

Gigi: You were subjected to backlash for wishing Catalina Ponor's competitor Simone Biles good luck, how did you deal with such situation?

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Larisa: Simone and I have always supported each other. I appreciate her for all she does and I believe that we can learn from each other. Everyone has different opinions and we have the right to say what we want.

Gigi: Are there any new skills you are training?

Larisa: It's hard to say. I am capable of performing new elements but in order to perform them, I need to be sure that I can can perfectly execute them. 

Interview by Gigi Farid

Special thanks to Alex Mladinescu for translating the interview.

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