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Australia’s Olympian Lisa Skinner Suffers Horrific Fall during Cirque du Soleil Brisbane Show

Lisa Skinner performed during a CdS  show. Photograph: The Courier Mail. Photograph below: TEN News Former Olympic gymnast Lisa...

Lisa Skinner performed during a CdS show. Photograph: The Courier Mail. Photograph below: TEN News

Former Olympic gymnast Lisa Skinner, 35, suffered a life-threatening fall during a matinee show of Cirque du Soleil in the Big Top at Brisbane Airport’s Skygate yesterday afternoon.

Skinner was swinging swinging from a hoop about 6m from the ground, when she missed her grips and fell on the ground. Witnesses reports that she plunged face first to the floor.

‘It was a terrible noise, horrible,’ an audience member told The Courrier Mail. ‘Flat out, bang, on her face.’

The witness added that at first many people in the audience thought the fall was part of the show.

‘You wouldn’t have realised it was an accident,’ he said. ‘She didn’t even put her hands up to stop herself. But then after a minute or so she didn’t move and the crew moved in.’

Skinner is however believed to have escaped serious injury. She former gymnast was ‘conscious and alert’ when paramedics arrived, a Queensland Ambulance Services spokeswoman said.

Skinner was taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in stable conditions. She spent the night in hospital.

The audience was surprised that the Cirque du Soleil show continued after the incident, with no mentioned made.

Skinner joined Cirque du Soleil in 2006, after a successful decade as an elite gymnast, which included three Olympic Games participations (1996, 2000 and 2004). In 2000 she became the first ever Australian gymnast to qualify for an event final at the Olympics. She made the floor final, where she finished eighth after a fall.

We whole-heartedly hope that Lisa’s injury is not too serious, and that she will recover completely soon!

By Talitha Ilacqua

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