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2016 Abierto Mexicano de Gimnasia: Report and Results

The competitors at the Abierto de Gimnasia. Photograph:  Federación Mexicana de Gimnasia A.C. Ukraine’s Angelina Kysla , 25, was the ...

The competitors at the Abierto de Gimnasia. Photograph: Federación Mexicana de Gimnasia A.C.

Ukraine’s Angelina Kysla, 25, was the winner of the 2016 Abierto Mexicano de Gimnasia, an all around competition, which took place on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November. On Friday, gymnasts competed on vault and uneven bars, and on Saturday, on balance beam and floor.

Kysla posted an overall score of 54.400 points to win the gold medal. She came into day 2 with a combined score of 27.225 for vault and bars, and scored 13.125 and 14.050 on beam and floor respectively to gain the title. She also won silver on beam and floor. Video

Second was Brazil’s first-year senior Carolyne Pedro, who posted an all around score of 53.975 points. She also won bronze on floor, with a score of 13.650 points. Last spring, Pedro helped Brazil qualify for the Olympic Games at the Rio Test Event. She was also Brazil’s Olympic alternate in Rio. Video

Third was veteran Oksana Chusovitina, 41, of Uzbekistan, who totalled a score of 52.225. Video

The biggest name in the field was Romania’s three-time Olympic champion Catalina Ponor, who competed only on day 2 on beam and floor. Ponor scored 15.100 on beam and 14.300 on floor, which were the highest scores of the competition on both apparatuses. Video

Mexico’s Miriana Almeida, won bronze on beam with a score of 12.950 points.

The 2016 Abierto de Gimnasia ended with a gymnastics exhibition show, in which all gymnasts participated.

Here are the available results (unfortunately, the vault and bars results are not available):

All around results:
1. Angelina Kysla (UKR) – 54.400
2. Carolyne Pedro (BRA) – 53.975
3. Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) – 52.225

Balance beam results:
1. Catalina Ponor (ROU) – 15.100
2. Angelina Kysla (UKR) – 13.125
3. Miriana Almeida (MEX) – 12.950

Floor exercise results:
1. Catalina Ponor (ROU) – 14.300
2. Angelina Kysla (UKR) – 14.050
3. Carolyne Pedro (BRA) – 13.650

By Talitha Ilacqua

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