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Greece's Vasiliki Millousi "I Prefer The New Code System"

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni With less than two days till the European Championships in Bern, the talented Greek gymnast Vasiliki Millousi ...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
With less than two days till the European Championships in Bern, the talented Greek gymnast Vasiliki Millousi is on the go again. Here she shares with us her daily training schedule, her renowned artistry, her thoughts on the current CoP, and her secrets to longevity. Enjoy  

On Road to Rio

Valerie: First on all congratulations on going for your 3rd Olympics 16 years since your first! What are you expecting and what can we expect to see from you in Rio?

Vasiliki: Thank you so much!! From Rio you have to expect from me the best of me!
What is your daily routine/schedule like? 

I woke up at 7:30 eat good and healthy breakfast, walk with my dog "Prince". Then I will start training at 10 until 12, rest for two hours and second training at two until 5. After that, I go back home to cook my meal and rest until next day or have a quick drink with my friends

Valerie: How does it feel like to be the sole Olympic WAG for Greece?

Vasiliki: I would like to work with other gymnasts to prepare for the Olympics but for now It is only me, it’s a little bit hard but I will go on for the preparation.

On Artistry

Valerie: You have been very graceful, flexible and lyrical on beam and floor exercise. Can you share with us what makes you so artistic and calm during competition?

Vasiliki Actually I'm not so calm but I'm working hard to looks like this:) When I was young I did ballet every day with my ballerina coach and I get good technique about dance choreography flexibility and ballet.

Valerie You come from the era of perfect 10, and now you are experiencing the new scoring system. Which system do you prefer more and why?

Vasiliki: I prefer the new code system because it helps you to work hard to be every time higher and higher about start value.

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

Valerie How are the younger gymnasts nowadays different from gymnasts of your earlier days in terms of artistry and the way they move?

Vasiliki I think this depends on how the young gymnasts are. Nowadays, if you want to be the top gymnast, you have to work on acrobatics like you are an acrobatic gymnast, and work on rhythm and flexibility like a rhythmic gymnast and artistry like a ballerina. It's very difficult!

On Longevity

Valerie It must be tough to stay on top of your game for nearly two decades. What are your secrets to staying so fit and competitive at the age of 31?

Vasiliki My secret is my passion for my work, and I grow up like a fighter. I used to fight every single day to be better and better until now.

Valerie In 2000, you were one of the youngest in the team, but now your teammates may be just half of your age. How has your relationship with your teammates change during your long career?

Vasiliki They all respect me regardless whether I am their teammate or not. They asked me how difficult is to stay on top in this age, about my food …. they respect my advice and they tried to be like me, That’s awesome for me!
Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

Valerie Moving towards your third Olympics, how have you enjoyed gymnastics and competitions different now when compared to your earlier career?

Vasiliki: Now I can feel everything from the start to the end of training and competitions. When I was young, I was so nervous and I couldn't enjoy the moments. Now I am trying to enjoy all the moments, good or bad.

Valerie If you can choose, will you rather compete as a young gymnast or as a mature veteran, and why?

Vasliki:I'd rather compete exactly as it is now, I don't feel like a veteran, I feel more like an experienced woman and gymnast every time I compete. Age has a different, beautiful meaning in gymnastics.

Interview by Valerie Theodora Ko

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