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Legit Analysis on Romania's Failure To Qualify To The Olympics

Photo by Jeni Hull Tumblr blogger  Aly126  wrote some really good points regarding Romania's failure to qualify to the Olympics. ...

Photo by Jeni Hull
Tumblr blogger Aly126 wrote some really good points regarding Romania's failure to qualify to the Olympics.

I knew that the Romanian team wouldn’t qualify and tried to be at peace with it, but now that I’ve actually seen it happen, it hurts more than I thought it would. I always watched gymnastics at the Olympics, but I only fell in love after London. Rio will be the first Olympics since I joined the gymternet and I can’t wait to live all the madness with you guys, but it’s breaking my heart that Romania won’t be there.

The result in itself is not shocking at all, but the reasons that let to it are.

I can’t believe they went into the test event with no strategy at all. 

How come the coaches weren’t even able to keep calm during the competition? How can an experienced coach consider that yelling, being passive-aggressive or arguing with judges in front of gymnasts that are already nervous will help?

Bellu’s interview is disappointing on so many levels. Here is the translation. Not only does he blame the girls, he demeans them by saying they’re not good enough, that they don’t like the sport, that they don’t have the necessary desire. Goes on to say he’s sorry he came back to coach them. Is that what they need to hear now?

Stoica’s statement is just as outrageous, but alas, I wasn’t expecting any better. ‘I can’t give any statement now, I need to clear my mind after what happened. The girls, that’s how much they trained, that’s what they did. They missed.’

Both Stoica and Bellu say they need to learn from this, but they blame the girls. Stoica will not resign. B&B never wanted an official function in the team and now they left and said they were sorry they came back in the first place bc they didn’t have anyone to coach.

Everyone kept saying they didn’t need foreign bars coaches, including the Federation and B&B. Well, thanks to the current coaches the girls have low 5 D-scores and score 12s for hit routines.

It’s unacceptable that the girls don’t have personalized routines. Floor is the best example. They all do a full-in, piked and tucked double backs and a twisting pass. No spin combos, no difficult leaps and jumps, no leaps out of tumbling passes. 

The coaches know how to teach a limited amount of skills. For example, Romanian gymnasts don’t do double arabians because there’s no coach capable of teaching it.

They’re not using the code to their advantage all.

How could they let such valuable girls like Stanila and Munteanu vanish? Why, when having motivation issues, were they sent to Deva, away from the national team, instead of having them here to help them? How is telling them they’re no longer useful helping motivation issues?

And speaking of that, what is this motivation excuse? They could have easily made the team, all they needed were mediocre routines. It’s not the US where 100 girls are fighting for a few spots. 

Stanila, in her 2014 shape, would have been a huge asset to the team now.

I’m frustrated bc they didn’t understand the importance of a sports psychologist in time.

The whole premise for this quad was wrong. B&B stated at after London that the team ‘will be formed around Iordache and Bulimar’. Why not say building a team of young talented gymnasts? I never head anyone in the US say the worlds team is formed around Biles. Everyone knows Simone is the star, but the other girls are just as important in qualifications or team finals. 

One person can’t carry a team. No matter who she is or how good she is.

It’s breaking my heart to think about how these girls must be feeling. Bellu praised Catalina. No words about the younger girls though. Just that they’re not good enough.

Anyway, this is my last post on the matter. Nothing will change what happened, and I’m very aware of that, I just needed to let all the frustration out. I hope someone finds a way to get the team back on the right track and I hope the girl find the strength to keep on training despite all this. 

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