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Strange But True Things About This Quad's Gymnasts

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni Some strange but true things you might or might not have known before reading this article. US Mckayla Maro...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Some strange but true things you might or might not have known before reading this article.

US Mckayla Maroney And Mykayla Skinner have the same exact birthday

They both excel on vault, their first names are almost spelled the same and they share the same birthday which is December 9th. Maroney was born in 1995, exactly a year before Skinner.

Aly Raisman,  Gabby Douglas (US), Viktoria Komova and Russia's Ksenia Afanasyeva (Russia) have the same amount of World gold medals

All of these four gymnasts have the same amount of gold medals which is two. Raisman and Douglas won both their gold medals in team competitions, Afanasyeva won her first gold with her team while her second one was won on floor exercise, Komova won both her gold medals on uneven bars.

Russia's Aliya Mustafina US Mckayla Maroney and Madison Kocian have the same amount of World gold medals

Mustafina, Maroney and Kocian have earned a total of three World gold medals. Mustafina's gold medals were won in team competition, all around and balance beam final,, Maroney's were in two vault finals and in a team competition. while Kocian's were won in two team competitions and in an uneven bars final.

Aliya Mustafina shares birthday with former gymnasts Dominic Moceanu of US and Andreea Raducan of Romania

Russia's Aliya Mustafina was born on September 30th hence sharing birthday with Olympic all around champion Andreea Raducan of Romania and US Dominic Moceanu who was part of the 1996 Olympic gold winning team.

Romania's Larisa Iordache won't directly qualify to Rio Olympics because she earned her medal in the all around

The all around is the most prestigious competition in the sport yet only those who earned medals in individual event finals at the same time their country did not advance to team final at the pre Olympic World championships, earn their ticket to the Olympic games.

So has Larisa earned her medal on any of the four events she would have directly qualified to the Olympics but since her medal was earned in the all around, she will have to earn her ticket to the Olympics at the test event.

Had the outcome of the uneven bars final of Glasgow happened at the Olympics, China's Fan Yilin wouldn't have made the podium

As we all know since their is no tie breaking rule but at the Olympics, US Madison Kocian, China's Fan Yilin, Russia's Viktoria Komova and her teammate Daria Spiridonova tied for the gold at 2015 Worlds.

If the outcome of the final had happened in the Olympics, Fan Yilin would have finished in 4th place, Spiridonova would have settled for the bronze while Komova and Kocian would have tied for gold.

At the Olympics, the ties breaking rule states that if two or more gymnasts had the same over all score, the gymnast with the higher E-score prevails. However, if they had the same D & E scores, they share the same placement.

Komova and Kocian shared the same D and E scores while Yilin had the lowest E score among the gold medalists.

Italy's Vanessa Ferrari, China's Yao Jinnan and US Kyla Ross have the same amount of medals at World championships

All three have won a total of five medals including one gold at Worlds. Ferrari won her gold at 2006 Worlds' AA final, Jinnan won hers at 2014 Worlds' uneven bars final while Ross won hers at 2014 Worlds' team competition final.

Ferrari has silver and three bronze medals in her record, Jinna has two silver and two bronze medals and Ross has three silver and one bronze medal.

By Gigi Farid

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