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Glasgow Team Final: Why Russia Did Not Deserve To Make The Podium

Yesterday, the women's Russian team failed to place in the top three places due to several mistakes. They finished in fourth place ...

Yesterday, the women's Russian team failed to place in the top three places due to several mistakes. They finished in fourth place behind USA, China and Great Britain.

This was the first time for Russia not to win any medals in team final World competition since 2007.

But let's analyze why they did not deserve to win any medal yesterday.

They did ok on vault. Only Maria Paseka did the Amanar vault (6.3) and her execution was good and very impressive considering how far she has come.

As expected, Viktoria Komova did a double twisting Yurchenko (5.8) and took a big hop to the back on the landing.

Ksenia Afanasyeva did not do the Amanar 'bummer' and settled for a double twisting Yurchenko.

They scored 45.766, second highest score on the event after USA.

With no doubt, bars is Russia's pet event and that it is not hard for them to outscore the other teams, right! or at least with their Olympic bars champion Aliya Mustafina's absence they would have had the second highest score. Unfortunately that was not the case yesterday. China and USA outscored them. Their total was 43.874.

Daria Spiridonova scored 15.141. Her qualification score was 15.466.

Komova unusually had a fall and scored 14.000, her qualification score was 15.300.

While, Paseka scored 14.733, slightly less than her qualification score which was 14.800.

They had a disastrous rotation on balance beam. All three gymnasts fell during their routines. 2014 European beam champion Maria Kharenkova fell on her L turn and Komova fell on her Arabian. The first scored scored 13.533 while Komova and Tutkhalyan both received 13.300. They had the third lowest score on that event.

On floor, they had a very mediocre performance. 

Seda Tutkhaylan scored a 13.925 which was better than her qualification score with 0.8 of a point difference.

Maria Paseka had a slightly better score than the one she received in qualification which was 13.666. In the final, she got 13.766.

Ksenia Afanasyeva competed a routine without much enthusiasm. She scored a 14.500 while in qualification she scored a little higher  14.633 in qualification.

Just like beam, they had the third lowest score on floor.

Bottom of line: They did not deserve to make the podium, in fact 4th place is too good for them. It is not just the inconsistency they showed but also the mediocre execution and lack of spirit. The Russian team gave us the impression that they are at Worlds because they have to not because they want to. They made us feel that they are intentionally not putting enough effort. With four falls and such spirit, no team should ever expect to win anything.

The Great Britain team, who made history by winning their first ever World team medal, demonstrated a fierce competition spirit and determination. They deserved their medal fair and square.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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