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For The First Time In History, Four Gymnasts Tie For Gold At World Championships

Screenshot by  wats-good-gabby Today at the uneven bars event final in Glasgow, four gymnasts received the same exact score thus tyin...

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Today at the uneven bars event final in Glasgow, four gymnasts received the same exact score thus tying for the gold medal.

The gymnasts are Fan Yilin of China, Viktoria Komova and Daria Spiridonova of Russia, and Madison Kocian of USA. All four gymnasts scored 15.366.

It is worth mentioning that the tie breaking rule is only applied at the Olympic games.

This is the first time for four gymnasts to tie for gold at a major international competition. Nevertheless, at 1990 and 1996 European championships three gymnasts tied for gold on the same event.

This was the first World individual gold medal for China's Fan Yilin, Russia's Daria Spiridonova and US Madison Kocian, while it was the second one for Russia's Viktoria Komova who previously won gold on the bars at Worlds four years ago.

US Gabby Douglas and China's Chang Shunsong finished in 5th and 6th place respectively. Great Britain Ruby Harrold placed in 7th place while Germany's Sophie Scheder finished last.

No falls occurred during the uneven bars final.

Olympic vault bronze medalist Maria Paseka, who is having her first World championships experience, won gold medal by competing Amanar and Cheng, two of the most difficult vaults in women's gymnastics. Paseka is the first Russian gymnast to win a World gold medal on vault since Elena Zamoloditchkova in 2002.

The silver medal went to 2014 World vault champion and North Korea's Hong Un Jong who competed the same two vaults as Paseka.

Three time World all around champion Simone Biles who took silver on the event at last year's Worlds, settled for bronze.

Great Britain's Ellie Downie who performed two of the easiest vaults at the competition, finished in impressive fourth place. India's Dipa Karmakar placed 5th and China's Wang Yan placed 6th.

Swiss Giulia Steingruber suffered an injury after falling on her second vault. No official reports has been released regarding her state of injury. Mexico's Alex Moreno Medina finished in last place.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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