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Gyminternet Reacts To Aly Raisman Posing Naked For The ESPN Body Issue

The news of US Aly Raisman posing naked for the ESPN body issue has been hotly debated ever since it came out.  The gymnastics communi...

The news of US Aly Raisman posing naked for the ESPN body issue has been hotly debated ever since it came out. 

The gymnastics community reacted positively and negatively, but mostly positively, to Raisman's decision.


usaisbae Is she really?! She is the LASTTTTT person I would of thought would do the Body issue.

rgymr seriously her uniform is a leotard and they dont actually show anything scandalous (this isnt playboy) so all the more power too her. If I had her body I’d want to show it off too. Just seems a little out of the girl next door sweet as pie brand/persona. But again, it’s really anything more than her leos and dwts costumes would show.

jordynslefteyebrow OF COURSE I would want my 8 year old sister to see Aly’s photos. Why wouldn’t I want her to see those and say “I wanna be just like her!”? Is there something wrong with wanting to be a two-time Olympic Champion who is comfortable with her body despite society’s obsession with shaming girls who are?

candycoateddoom my brother saw aly’s pictures from the espn body issue and said he was in awe of how muscular she was. i told him how aly said there’s no perfect body type in gymnastics, and he said if there were it would probably be hers.

arussiangymfan Your kid shouldn’t be looking at the ESPN body issue anyway so I don’t see how her status as a good role model has changed. If anything her comfort level with showing her body and being proud of her figure makes her a role model for an older demographic as well.

mustdefine Right, Aly is an adult and can take care of herself. I’m pretty sure ASac went through the same b*****t when she did the Body issue. There’s nothing inherently shameful about nudity and the pics aren’t sexual in any way. Aly is clearly confident in her choices and self-image. That’s awesome! Those pictures are awesome! The message that young women should be proud of their bodies is awesome! People who criticize and judge her for these photos—whether it’s for the choice to do them or for her body type—are only revealing outdated views and, let’s be honest, internalized misogyny in some cases.

robbiecopter Every female gymnast who does a nude shoot gets put on the chopping block. Just the perks of being a woman


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By Gigi Farid

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