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Gyminternet Reaction To The FIG Cutting Down The Olympic Team From Five To Four

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni The FIG has approved the rule of four members per team starting from 2020 Tokyo Olympics and since then, the g...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
The FIG has approved the rule of four members per team starting from 2020 Tokyo Olympics and since then, the gyminternet has no stopped criticizing it.

 Lmao the only good thing about this rule change is that it’s not happening until 2020 so I have some time to calm down

 Idk how to feel about the new team thing. I mean it sounds plausible but until we get to 2020, we won’t know if this is a good idea or not. But we’ll see.

 Jesus can you imagine the amount of injuries people are gonna have just so they can get a high start value by doing skills that they should not be doing just so they can get a specialist spot

 And here I was thinking that 5-gymnast teams were too small and should be increased to 6. Hahaha. Haha. Ha.

 So let’s say we get to 2020 and this new format totally bombs (not saying it necessarily will, but imagine worse case scenario, one of the big four, or anyone really, can’t put up four AAers or someone gets injuring in the top eight teams and just badness), and as a result, the FIG decides to change the rule again

 FIG basically just do the opposite of what we all want, so maybe if we all get on board and act as if we’re totally cool with 4-person teams and specialists, they’ll give us what we actually want…. 6 person teams and at least 3-per-country in the AA.

In saying that though, the IOC definitely should be allocating more spots to the sport. Surely athletics and swimming have enough spots between them to share? Or why does the IOC place such stringent limits on athlete spots anyway?

This entire thing is incredibly frustrating and confusing and I feel bad for casual fans who’ll probably just switch off rather than try and figure it out which will hurt the sport even more.

 You know the only team (as of right now) that can conceivable put up four very strong AAers in 2020 is the US. 

If you’re trying to take away the advantage from the US, this is not the way to do it. 

aurelia-dobre  I absolutely love the idea of sending extra event specialists, and we’ve been talking about it since at least 2012, i just wish the specialist posts were added without the team spots being reduced

my-bff-nastia I don’t get why they can’t do 5 member teams and then up to 1 extra specialist instead of 4 members and up to 2

jordynslefteyebrow But the fact that those two specialists/AAers don’t get to earn a potential team medal with their team makes me wanna cry

jordynslefteyebrow So hypothetically, Russia would have to make someone like Kharenkova who can score 15+ on beam be able to score 15+ on vault/floor in order to keep up with countries like the U.S. in a team final and that sounds like an injury(s) waiting to happen lol

jordynslefteyebrow Have you ever watched a country sweep a podium in ANY Olympic sport and thought to yourself “wow that person in 27th place in quals deserved to be there over any of those people!!!”

my-bff-nastia I’m not as upset about it as anyone else. Maybe I’m seeing the bright side but six U.S. gymnasts now have a chance to make it instead of five, including specialists who might not otherwise have a chance to make the team (ie Asac in 2012 or Skinner next year). I don’t love the team format but I absolutely love being able to send girls for more than just the team, because those who don’t fit the team mold get a shot. The FIG only gets so many spots for gymnastics (it’s like 90) so they’re trying to divvy them up fairly to include both the best in the world and, in the spirit of the Olympics which are about international inclusion as much as they are being the best in the world, they’re trying to make sure many countries get a chance. I do think it should be more about the best in the world, but at the same time, you’re working with 90 spots and you have to put a limit on each country somehow, so no matter what you do, the U.S. is still going to be leaving girls with Olympic talent behind. This way they’re getting one extra spot than they do now so in a way it’s beneficial for them and other countries with gymnasts who are strong but don’t fit their team’s mold.

Written by Gigi Farid

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