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Rumor Has It: Six Chinese Gymnasts Are Capable Of Doing Double Double

Photo by sports.qq A news article, published on  sports.qq  and written by Che Li who frequently reports on the Chinese Gymnastics team,...

Photo by sports.qq
A news article, published on sports.qq and written by Che Li who frequently reports on the Chinese Gymnastics team, informed us about the latest winter training updates.

It mentioned that after five months of hard training, almost every gymnast has been able to live up to their plan which has coach Huang very pleased.

"Our six female gymnasts are now capable of doing double twisting double back tuck (editor comment: on floor & uneven bars) which is unprecedented" said Huang.

He also said that one of his gymnasts is training a double and a half twisting Tsukahara which is the second most difficult vault, worth a 6.7 D score.

The article as well mentioned that they are training two F rated skills on balance beam.

The news, which was first reported by wordsfromthedragon, was received with skepticism by the gym internet.


I must be the only one who has not been happy about this :p I just wish they would gradually increase their D AND E-scores, instead of throwing hard skills and breaking the girls. There’s plenty of cleaning up still to do, and you know actually HITTING the routines. Let’s just say that I’m not a fan of Huang Yubin.
So 6 Silivas’s now, hmmm. I know 4 of them who are training it (doesn’t mean at all competition ready), but nothing on the other two. I think I know the 5th one too, if I had to guess. Anyway 6 might just be to impress the other countries too (just like the F+F), any attempt on a trampoline counts for the news report. The news reports aren’t really objective anyway. Huang Yubin just wants to boast ^^


"6 Girls can do double doubles" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL OK coach Huang! they can hardly put full ins to their feet without landing on their knees….


I’d like to see them land their double tucks, double pikes, and full ins up right before they try anything more difficult. Those seem to be hard enough for some of them.
China did worse than Russia on floor at Worlds (and we complain about how weak Russia is on floor now), so that should tells you something.



Written by Gigi Khazback Farid 


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