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Olympic Champion Mckayla Maroney Reveals Her Battle With Mental Illness

US gymnast Mckayla Maroney who launched her Youtube channel last month, revealed that she is struggling with mental illness. "I got...

US gymnast Mckayla Maroney who launched her Youtube channel last month, revealed that she is struggling with mental illness.

"I got really sick after the World championships" said Mckayla. "I got this thing called adrenal fatigue. It caused me to have depression and anxiety and it caused a lot of things that sucks."

"So trust me guys, I have been there in the lowest low and I am just like can I get lower! I don't think I can get lower."

 The American gymnast said that the reason why she is making this video is because she wants to help people and that she is so tired of trying to be cool and that acting like her struggle is not a real thing. 

"This is a world issue, being happy and healthy are the most important things in your whole entire life. If you are not happy, it just ruins everything else, you don't even wanna be alive."

She also said that her friends and family did not agree with her to share her struggle with the whole world as they believe that it is a private matter.

In her own words, she would have never made these videos a couple of years ago because she would have felt embarrassed and did not want people to know that she suffers from depression or has a weight problem. 

At that time, she had an ego and wanted people to think she is perfect. 

"That's what our ****** up society makes us like that and that's what ego rips you down, you are not perfect but you have to pretend that you are perfect."

Maroney believes that trying to be what the society wants you to be, will not get you where you want but following your dreams will.

The video has earned her praise from her world wide fans. It has received more than 38 thousand views and over one thousand likes since it was uploaded last Thursday.

"I honestly struggle with anxiety and depression. Two of my biggest struggles. I'm not in regular high school because of them. Hoping this video helps me McKayla, just thinking of you sometimes makes me think positively. I'm being honest with this whole thing and I also struggle with aspergers and Tourette's, so it's hard for me to be in class. Thank you McKayla so far for the help" said a Youtube commenter.

"Excellent speech. Very clear, well exposed, empathetic, assertive. You will be an excellent leader. It's like you are aware of what is the purpose of life and really want to share it. Don't lose it." said another.

Maroney's last competition was the 2013 World championships where she defended her vault title. Last year, she underwent a knee surgery and has been in recovery ever since. We still yet to know when will she compete again.

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