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Komova's Coach Does Not Take Her Earlier Success Into Account

Photo by At the beginning of this year, news about Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova leaving her steadfast mentor Gennadiy ...

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At the beginning of this year, news about Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova leaving her steadfast mentor Gennadiy Yelfimov, hit the internet, fortunately it did not happen. Yelfimov himself was not worried believing that it was just one of those moments where 20-year-old kids behave in strange ways. 

The 20 year old gymnast has been plagued by injuries in the past three years. She has not competed in a major competition since London Olympics in 2012.

"Without a doubt, right now Vika is still far from her best condition." Yelfimov told in an interview translated by Lauren Cammenga.

"On the other hand, we won’t have to change practically any of the routines we prepared for the London Olympics. We only have to restore and polish them." 

Komova was a huge favorite to dominate the women's gymnastics competitions in 2011 and 2012 but pressure and stress consumed her causing her to make the biggest mistakes in her career.

When her coach was asked if Vika has already reached her highest point of success during her first senior years, his answer was a little bit of eyebrow-raising.

"Well, what kind of maximum can you be talking about, if all her medals are silver? Although I always approached such things philosophically. We lost? That means there’s something to work on."

"I don’t even take the earlier successes into account. That was children’s gymnastics. Playthings. But Vika already had the foundation for adult routines when she was that age."

The Russian gymnast has grown taller after the Olympics which has heavily affected her training process. She reacted very badly to it which resulted in several psychological troubles, arguments and tears.

"Vika has always been a perfectionist. Here everything went wrong. Skills, endurance. We had to change her technique, work on physical fitness."

Just like her teammate, Komova does not like the attention and feels more comfortable being in the background. 

The two time Olympic silver medalist is training on all four events. Yelfimov stated that he cannot accept Vika as an event specialist but only as an all arounder.

He explained that he has always been taught that a gymnast should be an all around and that it is an old Soviet temperament. He added that Komova performs better in the all around than in event finals.

"Maybe she doesn’t quite have the physical strength, or it’s possible that it’s just psychologically difficult."

"After all, the all-around is a lot of work. You don’t have time to even think about anything other than your own work."

"In individual event finals you have to wait a long time, and consequently you get very nervous. In addition, in order to medal, you have to do your skills perfectly."

Komova will try to make the European games Russian team which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 12 to 28 June 2015.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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