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Turning Senior: Rebeca Andrade of Brasil

Photo credit: Rebeca Andrade is a Brazilian gymnast who as a junior made waves when a video of her performing an Am...

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Rebeca Andrade is a Brazilian gymnast who as a junior made waves when a video of her performing an Amanar hit the Internet in 2013.

Andrade was born on May 8, 1999, Guarulhose, the second most populous city in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. She made her international debut at Youth South American championships where she dominated the competition. She won medals in every single final, including winning the all around, vault and uneven bars gold medals.

Two years later, she repeated this feat at Junior Pan American championships, as she won gold medals on vault, bars and beam, and silver medals on floor exercise, and in team and all around finals.

She was set to represent her country at 2014 Youth Olympic games but had to withdraw due to a minor injury, a broken toe. She was replaced by Salvia Saraiva who impressed at the games.

Andrade is one of the most promising gymnasts who are turning senior this year.

According to gymfanconfessions;

 Her mother had to borrow money to buy food and there was no money left for anything else, the clothes she had were donated by people who knew her. The gym she went was a public one and the breakfast that was left was donated to her family.

 Her coach, Keli Kitaura, knew that Rebecca had talent so she asked her mother if she (Rebecca) could live with her, so she wouldn’t miss practices anymore. They lived together for some time, but Keli had to move to Curitiba, a city far away from where they were living.

 When she was settled in, Rebecca moved there and after some time Keli was hired by Flamengo (where Jade, the Hypolitos and a huge part of brazilian team go) and they both moved again. Now she and other 9 girls live with Keli and her husband.

 She also has a contract with a telecommunications company and a salary of Flamengo, the brazilian team and bolsa atleta, a government assistance to athletes. With that money she helps her mother that doesn’t have any more depts and her 3 siblings are also doing gymnastics.

She is excellent on vault and I am not even exaggerating. Her Amanar is very high and well executed that she can be mistaken as an elite American gymnast.

Her bars is very decent, she has nice swings and execution. She doesn't have a difficult routine, but I believe, she has a potential to upgrade. She does a Tkatchev (D) and piked Jaeger (D) as releases, a Maloney (D) as a bar transition and a full twisting back handspring dismount (D).

And she is training a G rated bars release, the Nabieva.

On beam, she is fluid but not completely solid but has the potential to.

 She also does a layout to two feet (E).


The music is catchy and she dances well to it. Like beam, she is fluid and moves with ease. Her first tumbling pass is an F rated double layout while the rest are of mediocre and low difficulty.

Bottom of line: Rebecca is very impressive,extremely talented and has huge potential. She is what we call a non balletic artistic gymnast. 

In addition, she needs to upgrade her routines which she has shown her ability to.

However, I won't be setting my expectation high, although she deserves it. Unfortunately in gymnastics, it doesn't only come down to the gymnast's talent but also to the country they come from and the situation around them.

Talented gymnasts who are not from the big four often fall victims to the lack of funding, lack of having experienced coaches and judges' bias.

But I will keep my fingers crossed and highly recommend to keep an eye on her.

On a bright side, Alexander Alexadrov who coached Aliya Mustafina to a World AA title and an Olympic gold on uneven bars, had been appointed to contribute to the building of the Brazilian National gymnastics team since 2013. And not to mention, the upcoming Olympic games will be in Rio Di Janeiro, Brasil.

Hopefully that will help Rebecca live up to her potential.

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