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Izbasa To Train On Three Events And Will Most Likely Not Go To 2015 Worlds

Photo by Jeni Hull As we have already informed you that the two time Olympic champion of Romania, Sandra Izbasa, is working on a...

Photo by Jeni Hull

As we have already informed you that the two time Olympic champion of Romania, Sandra Izbasa, is working on a comeback to elite gymnastics. In her most recent interview for DigiSport, Sandra gave more details regarding her comeback plan, stating that she does basic training and that she will prepare 3 apparatus for the upcoming test which the coaches will do in order to take a final decision.

“At the moment I’m only doing basic training, because I want to take everything step by step. I don’t wish that our comeback, mine and Catalina’s, to be over exposed to the media, because that could be an extra pressure on us. If we managed to handle the new requirements, you will see us in the gym, it’s that simple. If not, I’m glad I tried." 

"A final decision will be taken once I am able to perform a minimum number of elements which the coaches have asked me to, and then I will join the team automatically." 

"After all, it’s important to get back in shape. It’s very difficult to return after a break, no matter how long it is. I had a talk with my coaches and they agreed to make a comeback on three apparatuses. If I can, I will try to train on all four events, but I’m aware that it will be very hard”

Considering that bars was never her strongest apparatus, it is clear that she will do beam, vault and floor. She also does not think she will be able to compete at the upcoming Worlds in Glasgow since she’s involved in several projects.

“I don’t know when I can be fully capable of performing the minimum number of elements. I have 2016 as the main goal."

"It will be a little bit hard to compete in Glasgow. I have several projects that I need to finish this year which prevents me for training day by day, it will be a minor setback for me. But once these projects are done, I will focus only on gymnastics”

Last week, Izbasa attended a gymnastics selection held in Stejarii Country Club, along with Nadia Comaneci, Andreea Raducan and Aerobic world champion, Laura Cristache. During these selections, Andreea Raducan stated for DigiSport that Sandra's and Catalina's return is be an example for the younger gymnasts.

“I spoke with Sandra a lot and I wish them both the best of luck. It’s a real challenge for the both of them, because they have reached an age where your body doesn’t listen to you very well in the gym but their experience will help them a lot and I think that they will be an example for the younger gymnasts which will be an extra responsibility for them”.

Written by Alex Mladinescu

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