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Catalina Ponor "I Will Be Risking The Biggest Failure In My Career"

After Romania's Catalina Ponor announced her third comeback, we could not resist not to do a small interview with her. Ponor who wi...

After Romania's Catalina Ponor announced her third comeback, we could not resist not to do a small interview with her.

Ponor who will be 28 years old at the time what can possibly be her third Olympics, talks about her comeback, negative comments on social media and the risk of failure.  

Gigi: Why did you decide to make a comeback?

Catalina: First, I want to make a third Olympics, which will be the first time for a Romanian gymnast  to do so, because why not , I like to challenge myself. 

Second, I want to help the Romanian team in Rio and to try to help the girls to qualify for 2016 and third  I actually miss gymnastics and the competitions.

Gigi:  How is training so far?

Catalina: I haven't started training yet. I have just came back from Peurto Rico and I am now busy with some stuff ,but soon I will get back in the gym and start training.

Gigi:  Are you going to comeback on three apparatuses "vault, beam and floor"?

Catalina: I want to be able to help Romania on those three events and i will do my best for that. I want to be healthy and not to pressure myself. I will take things step by step.

Gigi: Do you think you are going to be ready in time for the 2015 Worlds?

Catalina:  I can't tell, if i will be ready for worlds. I don't want to say yes I will be ready then find myself not ready to compete by the time of Worlds, so we will see.

And like I said I will take my comeback step by step. I won't be putting pressure on myself nor I will be pushing my body cause i have to keep in mind that i don't have the body of a sixteen year old.

Gigi: What do you want to achieve in your third comeback? 

Catalina: I have always expected from myself to do everything and to do it perfectly and to achieve the best but we will see. Right now, I want to try to make this comeback because I don't want to have any regrets.

I have 6 months till my first official competition to see if i can still keep up with the new rules and with the other gymnasts who are very young.

Gigi: You have said in interviews and on social media that there are people who do not believe in your comeback, are they people close to you or just comments on social media?

Catalina:  Last time when I came back, there were  negative comments and of course there always will be negative and positive comments, which is the case this time.

Of course the negative comments are not from friends or family. They have always supported me in everything.

I just want to let everybody knows that I'm not coming back because i don't want to let the new seniors to make the Olympic team, or take there places. I came back because i want to because i love this sport and because i want to help the team .I hope Romanian fans will understand that nobody in the team have already a place there ,nobody will make the team just because they are Ponor or Izbasa. 

The team will be made up of the best gymnasts in Romania, if the little ones are better the us then they will make the team. I hope to see, when i get there, competitive teammates who will fight for a place on the Olympic team and make the best team.

Gigi: You seem to be so in love with gymnastics, do you regret retiring after the London Olympics?

Catalina: No, I don't regret retiring after London. On the contrary, it was good for my body. I regret nothing, I'm a complete gymnast, I have achieved everything I wanted in gymnastics and if my comeback was unsuccessful, I will not have any regrets. I will quit gymnastics with my chin up because nobody can take my medals which are already in history and will always be there.

Gigi: Are you afraid of failure?

Catalina: When you are a top elite athlete, you always risk failure. It is more difficult to stay on top than to get there. But I like to be challenged and I will risk maybe the biggest failure in my career ,but i will work hard and i will try to not let this happen.

Interview by Gigi Farid

Photo by Sing Lo

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