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Turning Senior: Maria Kharenkova of Russia

Photo by Maria Kharenkova was born on the 29th of October,1998 in  Rostov-on-Don Russia. She trains under Yelena Produn...

Photo by
Maria Kharenkova was born on the 29th of October,1998 in Rostov-on-Don Russia. She trains under Yelena Produnova’s coach Ruslan Lavrov, she trains alongside senior national team member Anastasia Sidrova. Kharenkova has also trained with Yulia Belokybskaya who retired this year and moved to ballet.

At the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival, she was a triple gold medalist in the all around, floor and team final. She was also a triple gold medalist at 2012 Junior European championship in floor, beam and team final.

Kharenkova is known for her impeccable artistry and beautiful choreography. Her strongest events are balance beam and floor exercise. 

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she is capable of doing a beam routine on a 7.1 difficulty (huge D score). She does two back handsprings to a layout to two leaps (0.3), a switch leap to back pike (0.1), a turn with leg at horizontal to a turn with leg below horizontal (0.1), a cartwheel aerial to a switch ring (0.2), front aerial to sheep jump (0.2), a front tuck to a wolf jump (0.1), a switch leap with half turn, two back handspring to double pike dismount (0.1).

The performance was during EYOF podium training.

On floor, she has beautiful execution. Unlike most gymnasts, she doesn’t cowboy her double arabian, her legs are perfectly glued together so on her double back tuck.

She doesn’t have the difficulty or even mediocre difficulty on vault but her execution is gorgeous.

On uneven bars, like vault she has  beautiful execution but low difficulty.

With the existance of Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova and Anastasia Grishina and her low difficulty on vault and bars, Maria Kharenkova might not have the chance to excel as an all arounder but as an event specialist.

With no doubt, Maria Kharenkova is a beautiful gymnast who is capable of enjoying success in the world of gymnastics but the only thing that could stand in her way is inconsistency. We are hoping, she improves her consistency in her senior years.
Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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