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A Gymnast With No Legs Discovers That Her Childhood Role Model Is Her Biological Sister

This is one of the most mind blowing coincidences one would expect to see in gymnastics. Jennifer Bricker was given up for adoption ...

This is one of the most mind blowing coincidences one would expect to see in gymnastics.

Jennifer Bricker was given up for adoption right after her birth, because she was born with no legs. Since childhood, she showed great interest in gymnastics. Thus, her adoptive parents helped and supported her to pursue her passion. Bricker chose to be involved in tumbling and later became the tumbling champion of Illinois.

When she grew up, she was given some shocking information about her biological family. Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu, the gymnast whom she has greatly admired all her lifeو  is in fact her biological sister. As a child, Jennifer looked up to Moceanu and wanted to be a gymnast just like her.

The Brickers heard about a girl who was born with no legs, was given up for adoption. Believing that she needed a family, they brought her to their home in a small town in Illinois and raised her in the same manner as they did with their three sons.

The only rule in the house was ”Never say the word can’t”. She started tumbling at seven on the trampoline with her dad. By the time she was in high school she became the tumbling champion of the state of Illinois. She also participated in other sports too- like softball or basketball.

When her friends mention the word handicap, she replies “I am not handicap, I’m using the wheelchair just not to get dirty.”

At the age of sixteen, out of curiosity, she asked her mother what would her last name have been, had she not been abandoned. Their, she knew she is the biological sister of her role model.

After the truth was unveiled, Jennifer decided to send Dominique a letter including adoption documents and a photograph. As soon as she saw the letter and the photo, Dominique knew that this was her biological sister- the evidence was clear: Jennifer looked the same as her younger sister Cristine.

In the letter, Jennifer wrote that she is an athlete and that Dominique was her inspiration to start tumbling –her childhood idol. When they first talked on the phone she told her sister that she has no legs. Dominique, pregnant at that time, was shocked, but she doesn’t judge her parents, because it’s hard to say what would anyone else have done, if they were put in the same situation. Her father is the one who decided to give Jennifer to adoption, her mother never got the chance to hold her baby. She was told that the little girl would need special care and they financially could not afford it.

Jennifer got to meet both her sisters and her biological mother too.

By the age of 21, Jennifer moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream and she earns a living from performing as an acrobat  in shows which makes her parents very proud of her.

Written by Anastasia Bostanaru

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