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Rumor Has It: Bai Yawen of China Might Get Pulled Out Of Balance Beam Final In Nanning

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni In an interview with  translated by  16-233 ,  Coach Huang hinted that they might pull out ...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
In an interview with translated by 16-233, Coach Huang hinted that they might pull out one of their two gymnasts who qualified to the balance beam final and give the spot to another gymnast on their team.

The Chinese coach said that “out of consideration for a chance at individual gold” they will consider switching out someone for beam final, and that “personal interests should be subordinate to the national interest”.

Yao Jinnan and Bai Yawen qualified to the balance beam final in third and fourth place respectively. Considering the fact that Yao Jinnan has more experience, Bai might be the gymnast Huang meant. It is worth to mention that Bai did not perform on any event in the team final competition where they finished in second place more than six points behind USA.

Shang Chunsong and Huang Huidan placed 5th and 9th respectively on balance beam in the qualification. The first was denied a chance to compete in the final due to two per country rule. Nevertheless, the Chinese coaches can choose either Huidan or Chunsong to replace Bai.

Chunsong had the third highest score (15.066) on balance beam in team final. At Last year’s Worlds, she finished in sixth place in beam final.

Chunsong will compete tomorrow in the all around final along with her teammate Yao Jinnan.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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