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A Promising Junior Gymnast Contracts A Rare And A Very Serious Eye Infection

Photo via Facebook Deanne Soza is a very promising American gymnast who was born on the 24th of September in 2001. Her strongest even...

Photo via Facebook
Deanne Soza is a very promising American gymnast who was born on the 24th of September in 2001. Her strongest event is floor exercise. She competed at the this year’s P&G Championships where she placed 6th on balance beam and US Classics where she placed second on uneven bars and third in the all around.

Arete Gymnastics, the gym where Deanne trains, has posted on their Facebook  page that the young gymnast has contracted a rare and a very serious eye infection in both of her eyes.

“At this point she is in a lot of pain and the infection is sight threatening. She is having treatments every hour and is not getting any sleep, so she doesn’t need visitors but she does need prayers. Please keep Deanne and her Family in your prayers.”

Yesterday, the gym reported that at the doctor’s office Deanne was able to see some light and shadow. Our prayers and our thoughts are with her.

Deanne will not be legible for the upcoming Olympics, however she will turn senior in 2017.

It is shown in this video, Deanne – at the age of 11 – doing some impressive skills and combination with lovely execution, like an Onodi to full twisting back handspring and back handspring to two layout step out on balance beam, a toe on Tkatchev release and a full twisting double layout on uneven bars.

Blogger Spanny Tampson has made a thoughtful call to the gyminternet:

Call to the gymternet!  The delightful Deanne Soza has contracted a very serious eye infection, which affects obviously not only her gymnastics, but potentially her ability to see. 
So what can we do?
I’m hoping that maybe we can send her something to cheer her up a little.  My idea is to take pictures that you, the amazing gymternet, take/draw/create and put those onto a card for her. 
Maybe it’s a picture of a get well sign that you’re holding up for her, maybe it’s a drawing of her you made while you were bored in class, maybe it’s one of those fancy edits that all the kids are doing these days.  Whatever you would like to share that is appropriate and uplifting. 
There is room for about 30 pictures on the card.  Perhaps if we get billions of fabulous submissions, we’ll send more cards.  But for now it would be awesome if we could put 30 pictures on this card, and send it to Arete. 
If you’d like to participate, and I hope that you do because Deanne is incredible, either post your picture here, or email it to me at 

Arete Gym on Facebook “At the Doctor today he said they think they were able to kill the bacteria that was causing so much damage to her eyes. the scratch on her cornea seems to be closing. She is gaining vision in her left eye and was able to see a silhouette of her father. It is believed that the problem came from a water born parasite from a swimming pool or hot tub in Pittsburgh. The parasite got behind her contact and into a scratch in her eye. Now it is a matter of how much damage her body and your prayers are able to heal. She is a fighter and is in good spirits because of all of the love and support she has gotten from all of you. Any thing is possible in the Lord!”

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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