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A Young Gymnast Killed In Malaysia Airlines Crash Just Two Days From Her Birthday

Gym Power    reported that (linked by ), two young gymnasts from Netherlands were among the 298 passengers who wer...

Gym Power  reported that (linked, two young gymnasts from Netherlands were among the 298 passengers who were killed in Malaysia Airlines crash this week.

The victims of the crash are Mila Van De Mortel and Sam Wels.

“RIP gymnast Milia of Mortar and her parents, who also went on holiday by plane MH17 above that Ukraine is shot from the air. Then comes the very close and the shock even greater.”

“We Milia met while Starz Turn Sports Camp 2013 Sports Ookmeer in Amsterdam while we were making a documentary in which she was photographed with our mascot Tipper and helped in its own manner of interviewing: 
A cheerful and spontaneous teen who made ​​fun of her gymnastics buddies and loved gymnastics and all the nice things for her age.”

“Every victim of (war) violence and every human being snatched by someone else’s actions early in life is one too many, and it is deeply regrettable, every young talent like Milia and turner Sem Wels, and with them their parents, is taking a big loss to society and gymsportwereld. Incredible and incomprehensible that they will never be … There are really no words for … Today is her birthday: S. For Milia’s club and family strength and our condolences. “

GymPower wrote on their Facebook, according to Google translation.

According to, Sam Wels’ mother (Conny Wel Stuiver) who was also killed in the tragic plane crash along with her husband, was one of the top Dutch figure skaters in the early 1990’s. After her retirement, she worked as a coach and cherographer in the Bossche Skating Association.

 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 which was a scheduled international passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur,  was shot out of the sky as it flew over eastern Ukraine on Thursday afternoon. It is believed that it was shot by separatists in Ukraine.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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