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Rumor Has It: Rodionova Replaces Kramarenko And Mustafina To Compete Only On Two Events

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni 2008 Olympian Ekaterina Kramarenko who replaced injured Viktoria Komova on the Russian squad for the upcomi...

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
2008 Olympian Ekaterina Kramarenko who replaced injured Viktoria Komova on the Russian squad for the upcoming European championship, has been reported ill.

Natalia Kalugina, a Russian journalist, who was at Round Lake at the opening training this week, has wrote on her Facebook that 2013 World finalist Anna Rodionova has been promoted from an alternate to a member of the Euro team, replacing Kramarenko.

She added that Anna has a beam routine of a 6.4 difficulty.  She expressed her amazement with Rodionova’s beauty on the apparatus and also her concerns regarding Rodionova’s ankle which she has been going through some problems with.

Aliya Mustafina, the most reliable gymnast on the team, is going to only compete on two events, balance beam and uneven bars, due to small pain in her ankle.

A few days ago, Aliya posted a photo of herself in hospital gown, raising questions about her health. Clearing up rumors, she said “Everything is ok, I just checked my back and ankle”.

Furthermore, Kalugina stated ” I didn’t like Mustafina at all. She is so overweight. She works only because she is skillful and experienced. She is not ready to upgrade because her leg hurts.”

“But Aliya is Aliya she is always in some kind of disperse before the meeting, but she knows how to pull herself together.”

“That’s why it’s not clear how her battle with Iordache (Mustafina’s rival at last year’s Euros) is gonna end, because Iordache is afraid of Mustafina. But I’m afraid Aliya won’t be able to win. And also won’t be in the future.”

It is worth to mention that the 19 year old gymnast has always been known for not giving her best but in the most important competitions.

Last year, she had a meltdown at the Worlds qualifications but went on to win three medals including a gold on her weakest event in the finals.

17 year old Alla Sosnitskaya will be the only Russian to compete two vaults hence will be aiming on qualifying to the vault final.

Last year, Sosnitskaya announced via (a Russian Q&A website) that she is training a two and half twisting Yurchenko, also known as Amanar (D score 6.3) on vault. 

New seniors Maria Kharenkova and Daria Spiridonova will join Alla Sosnitskaya on floor, according to Kalugina they will all end their routines with a double back tuck.

The 30th European championships will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from 12-18 May.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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