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After taking almost a year off due to injuries, Romania's Larisa Iordache had her first and only 2015 major international competition in Glasgow.

So how did she do?

She competed on all four events in the qualification

She fell on her bars transition

And fell on her tuck full on balance beam

She could not hold her tears anymore

She watered down her floor routine and received a low score

She failed to qualify to any individual event final and on the top of that, her team failed to advance to team final

Nevertheless, she redeemed herself in the all around and won a bronze medal

And she spoke English

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Written by Gigi Khazback Farid





After the London Olympics, Russia's Viktoria Komova suffered from a series of injuries and illness which put her career on hold for three years. Glasgow was her first World championships in four years.

So how did she do in Glasgow!

At Qualifications, she competed on vault, bars and balance beam.

She qualified second on bars

 and fourth on beam

She had the second highest score on vault among the Russians in team final, 15.100

But had unexpected fall on bars

And another fall on beam

Komova had two of the four falls, the Russian had in team final. As a result of these falls, the  team lost the bronze medal. 

After team final, she took to VK to express her frustration where she accused the Americans gymnasts of taking steroids and claimed that China and Great Britain only won second and third place due to luck 

After receiving backlash, she apologized  

But felt it was not enough, so she went to Aly Raisman's instagram and posted another apology using google translation

And not just that, she went to the American gymnasts during training and gave them a personal apology

She was one of the four gymnasts who tied for gold on uneven bars which was the first time in a major international competition

She had this priceless reaction when she learned that she is not the only one who placed first.

She crazily amazingly saved a fall during balance beam final which she hasn't done since forever 

And beautifully nailed her acrobatic beam series

She acted like a big sister to teammate and new senior Seda Tutkhalyan who had a fall on beam during event final

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

US Simone Biles has successfully defended her balance beam and floor exercise World titles today in Glasgow.

Biles, who now has fourteen World championships medal - ten of which are gold, has broken Shannon Miller's World record in Glasgow and became the most decorated female or male US gymnast in World championships history.

With fourteen World medals, she is the third most decorated gymnast at World championships. By winning her tenth gold medal today, she has the most gold medals of any female gymnast at World championships beating Russia's Svetlana Khorkina and Romania's Gina Gogean who have nine World medals in their record.

Biles won beam with score 15.358 while she won floor with score 15.800.

Dutch Sanne Wevers won the silver medal on beam by 14.333. This was the first medal for women's Dutch gymnastics at World championships since Suzanne Harmes in 2005.

The bronze medal went to Pauline Schafer of Germany with score 14.133. The last time a female German gymnast won a medal at World championships was in 2011 by Oksana Chusovitina on vault.

European floor champion Ksenia Afanasyeva of Russia won silver on floor while Biles' teammate Maggie Nichols settled for the bronze.

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Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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Today at the uneven bars event final in Glasgow, four gymnasts received the same exact score thus tying for the gold medal.

The gymnasts are Fan Yilin of China, Viktoria Komova and Daria Spiridonova of Russia, and Madison Kocian of USA. All four gymnasts scored 15.366.

It is worth mentioning that the tie breaking rule is only applied at the Olympic games.

This is the first time for four gymnasts to tie for gold at a major international competition. Nevertheless, at 1990 and 1996 European championships three gymnasts tied for gold on the same event.

This was the first World individual gold medal for China's Fan Yilin, Russia's Daria Spiridonova and US Madison Kocian, while it was the second one for Russia's Viktoria Komova who previously won gold on the bars at Worlds four years ago.

US Gabby Douglas and China's Chang Shunsong finished in 5th and 6th place respectively. Great Britain Ruby Harrold placed in 7th place while Germany's Sophie Scheder finished last.

No falls occurred during the uneven bars final.

Olympic vault bronze medalist Maria Paseka, who is having her first World championships experience, won gold medal by competing Amanar and Cheng, two of the most difficult vaults in women's gymnastics. Paseka is the first Russian gymnast to win a World gold medal on vault since Elena Zamoloditchkova in 2002.

The silver medal went to 2014 World vault champion and North Korea's Hong Un Jong who competed the same two vaults as Paseka.

Three time World all around champion Simone Biles who took silver on the event at last year's Worlds, settled for bronze.

Great Britain's Ellie Downie who performed two of the easiest vaults at the competition, finished in impressive fourth place. India's Dipa Karmakar placed 5th and China's Wang Yan placed 6th.

Swiss Giulia Steingruber suffered an injury after falling on her second vault. No official reports has been released regarding her state of injury. Mexico's Alex Moreno Medina finished in last place.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Aly Raisman with her parents after Glasgow team final

US Aly Raisman has responded to Russia's Viktoria Komova's second heartfelt apology.

"❤️ All the girls appreciate your apology and we wish you the best in finals tomorrow" wrote Raisman.

According to Aimee Boorman, Simone Biles' coach, the Russian gymnast gave a personal apology to the American gymnasts during training.

Viktoria Komova issued two apologies after sparking fury after team finals in Glasgow when she accused the American gymnasts of taking steroids and that Great Britain and China only won because of luck.

Her first apology took place on VK immediately after receiving backlash following her infamous comment, while she posted her second apology on Aly Raisman's Instagram.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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Russia's Viktoria Komova received backlash when she accused the American gymnasts of taking steroids and claimed that China and Great Britain only won due to luck at 2015 World championships.

Komova released two apologizes. The first was on VK in the same thread where she made the accusation while the second was in a comment on Aly Raisman's Instagram account.

The second apology was considered sincere and restorative by gymnastics fans.

Golden-china-goes-abroad Why does Vika (and Carlotta) get eaten alive and need to apoligise a thousand times and even then people will still dislike them over a comment, while comments like the one Sam Oldham made, or Marta, Nastia, Aly, Jo etc go freely?

Kudos for Vika btw

Vkyam1 They act like Vika was the worst human ever.  

However, when Maroney did ugly faces IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AT THE MEDAL CEREMONY nobody said anything and they even said it was funny. 

And this guy Sam Oldham´s tweet saying  "Surely this Chinese kid ain’t 19" about Shang Chunsong but no one is saying anything! Or Nastia, Aly and Jordin saying the same time ago.

Vika is a sore loser because of her comment but when the british gymnasts and the american question the age of asian gymnasts they have just the right to do it???

I can’t deal with your hypocrisy guys ._.

Doubledownie I mean, people definitely did criticize Riss and Sam a /lot/, and I didn’t hear about Lisa at all (though not totally surprised tbh) so that would be why not much was said about that. But yeah, Vika did get slightly disproportionately nailed to the wall on this one. I expect it’s because people assume Russians to have certain opinions about elegance, body type, etc that weren’t really in her post anywhere but if you assume they were it looks a lot worse…?

Robbiecopter Really in the grand scheme of things everyone has said something stupid and it’s all how you respond to it in the long run, through future actions and how you learn from it. I agree vika was targeted a little more for this comment and it got out of hand. I love her and the US girls and have I said stupid stuff before? Of course. Did I react well to it? Not really. But as I move forward I recognize my faults and grow from them. But this is just me speaking with like… much less than thousands of followers so vika’s repercussions are much more severe especially since she is really the kingpin of Russian elegance at this time. I hope some people can find it in their hearts to forgive her.

My-bff-nastia I’m basically crying because this is the cutest thing ever but also crying because of google translate. “I’m sorry. I’M ASHAMED OF YOU!!! Congratulations.” But seriously this is exactly why Vika didn’t deserve all of the hate she got. She is clearly going to great lengths to apologize and she fully said it in the heat of the moment, not because she believed it. 

Papaliukin Kudos to Vika for doing this. That’s something Valentina would never think of after all her outrageous statements that have circulated.

Proganthony1978 And hopefully if anyone quotes this apology, then they will include that last line, showing that Vika used Google Translate and it made a very big mistake. So don’t pull the “I’m ashamed of you!” out of context.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

Italy's Erika Fasana, who qualified in seventh place on floor exercise in Glasgow, has withdrawn from the event's final. 

The reason behind her withdrawal is that she suffered an elbow injury, a stress fracture tibia, on vault during team final warm ups. As a result, she did not compete on uneven bars in the team final and only contributed on vault and floor exercise to Italy's 7th place finish.

Shang Chunsong of China, who is the first reserve on the event, will replace the Italian gymnast.

Fasana was the only Italian gymnast to qualify to an individual event final in Glasgow. Teammates Carlotta Ferlito and Tea Ugrin finished in 12th and 14th place respectively in the individual all around final.

The balance beam and floor exercise final will be held next Sunday.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Looks like Viktoria Komova feels terrible for what she said a few days ago.

The Russian gymnast, who has already apologized in the same day which she made serious accusation against the American gymnasts, wrote another apology on US Aly Raisman's Instagram. Komova does not speak English, hence used Google translation.

"Ali, Gabby, Simon and all the people I have not written, I beg your forgiveness for my behavior and my uncomplimentary remarks in your direction, it has been said on emotions, it is a silly thing to do! I love your exercises you are doing it well! I just loved it! again I ask your petition for my behavior! I checked in here just to apologize to you, I'm ashamed of you! I would like to once again congratulate you on your excellent performance. Google hope everything correctly translated" wrote Komova.

The World champion sparked fury after Worlds team finals when she wrote on VK, a Russian social media site, that the American gymnasts were on steroids where China and Great Britain got lucky.

After receiving backlash, she quickly deleted her comment and apologized.

Viktoria is scheduled to compete tomorrow and the day after tomorrow on uneven bars and balance at Glasgow World championships.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Photo by Jeni Hull
It seems that the suspicion towards Chinese gymnast' age is never ending.

British gymnast Sam Oldham, who was part of the bronze medal winning team at the London Olympics in 2012, tweeted his suspicion towards the age of China's Shang Chunsong who was one of the participants in the all around final in Glasgow.

"Surely this Chinese kid ain't 19" tweeted Oldham.  

Chunsong was born in 1996, although she was eligible to compete at London Olympics, she was not selected to represent her country. Her first big assignment was the 2013 World championships.

This is not the first time for Chunsong to be a victim of such suspicion. Two years ago, former US gymnast Nastia Liukin made a tweet after the worlds were over, writing that she got a picture from her compatriot and Olympic champion Aly Raisman which she thought was hilarious and added "She is 17 or not" hashtag.  Seventeen years old was the age of Shang Chunsong who was the last female Chinese gymnast to compete at the championship. Olympic champion Jordyn Wieber replied to Liukin's tweet with "Got the same one" using hashtag "Not 17".

At the same championships (2013 Antwerp), Marta Karolyi accused China of sending underage gymnasts.

While some Twitter users agreed with his suspicion, others responded negatively.

"That is the most insensitive thing that can ever come from a professional gymnast" a fan replied.

"Britain WTF? Last year Marissa Kings “I wanna give these Chinese girls a cheeseburger” comment. Then at the start of worlds Lisa Mason on Wang Yan “Nah mate They need to check her age she looks 10!!!” And now this" wrote a Tumblr user

It is worth mentioning that Chunsong gives the money she earns from the sport to her family in order to improve their living.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

US Simone Biles made history today by becoming the first US gymnast to win three World all around titles as well as the first ever female gymnast to win three consecutive World all around titles.

Russia's Svetlana Khorkina won her World all around titles in 1997, 2001 and 2003. Despite grabbing the balance beam during her routine and going out of bounds on floor, Biles had an easy win. She outscored silver medalist and teammate Gabby Douglas by over a full point.

The silver medal was the first individual medal at a World championship for Olympic all around champion Douglas. 

Romania's Larisa Iordache, who suffered from one of the greatest disappointments of her career earlier at the qualification, redeemed herself today and won the bronze medal, her second World all around medal.

Iordache along with her teammates failed to qualify to the team final hence will have to compete at the test event next year in order to have their team qualify to the Rio Olympics. None of the Romanian gymnasts made any of the individual event finals. 

China's Shang Chunsong finished in fourth place while Giulia Steingrber of Switzerland, who qualified in second place, finished in fifth.

The individual event finals will be held next Saturday and Sunday.

Via wikipedia

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Ksenia Afanasyeva
Photo by Jeni Hull
Last Tuesday, the Russian team had a meltdown performance at Glasgow World championships where they suffered from four falls which costed them third place. The bronze medal was earned by the British gymnasts who made history by becoming the first British gymnastics team to win a medal at World championships. 

But Russia's head coach Valentina Rodionenko had a different opinion.

"We are all sad because of the team results, both the girls and the coaches. They did their best, worked well on 3 out of 4 apparatus. They didn't perform very well on beam, but scored better than in qualification on floor" Rodioneko told

"Sadly the young girls got nervous with such strict judging. These emotions influenced their beam performance and Vicktoria's as well who is competing for the first time in a big competition in three years."

"I wouldn't say that the gymnasts from Great Britain outperformed us in team final. We had four falls and they had unbelievable (in the article is written magical) scores on UB so it was them to be awarded the bronze." 

"For Russia, namely for the young gymnasts this will be a lesson for them to concentrate on every event, and give less attention to what competitors do."

"It is a fact that we have Olympic perspectives.Taking into account the absence of our leader Aliya Mustafina, and the long absence in competition of Victoria Komova along with young gymnasts in the team.

"I think we performed decently fighting for bronze.But in the team final both judges, the audience and luck were on the side of the host country (Great Britain). "

It is worth mentioning that Great Britain had only one fall which was on bars. This was the first time for the Russian team to place out of the podium at a World championships since 2007.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Quotes translated by Anastasia Bostanaru

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Today Russia's Viktoria Komova found herself in hot water when she made serious accusations against the team's competitors 'the American team'.

Komova said in a comment that has since been deleted on VK that the American team are only winning because they are on steroids while China and Great Britain, who won silver and bronze respectively , got lucky.

Fans reacted angrily to what the gymnast say while accusing her of bad sportsmanship. Komova apologized stating that she was emotional when she wrote the comment.

Arussiangymfan    Oh Vika! Now I don’t know how to feel about you.

Whipwhipdoublearabian okay Vika. it’s not just about the Americans that you have to apologize about ya know… u still owe an apology to the British & Chinese gymnasts :/

Everyrosehasitsthorn-blog It was an unhappy  statement..and a joke, yes it was  bad, but it was this. Vika is really sorry and did not mean that. Gymternet are creating a tragedy. They are magnifying and distorting the issue. She is very self critical and she apologized

Art---bitch Im absolutely done with Komova! I get you are pissed that your team came 4th. But face it, you all gave up to easily and you and your team payed for it. Disrespecting the Chinese and British just makes you look like a sore loser, I thought the backlash from gymnast fans after your behaviour after the AA in London may have taught you something. Clearly not. Instead of whining online, why don’t you and your team try to not hop of the apparatus every time you see something going wrong.

Whipwhipdoublearabian Oh viktoria… I used to love you. :(

Kittysha Oh, Vika this is why you have fans for lol! Leave the nastiness for fans like me lol but what I’m curious is where does this comes from now? Back in 2012 she congratulate Gabby and acknowledge her mistake. Now is like she didn’t screw up. Delusion or mental preparation for the EF? But not like she had to say it anyway.

Even Aliya came out with something similar before (even if the artistry part was right and you know it American stans lol) so it makes me believe that there is a big shift of mentality in round lake. 

As for the steroids comments. I wonder if this is just desperation/excuses or… But even if they were right about this China and GB still beat them so that is not going to give them the gold. There is no justification for the falls and lack of difficulty on floor and sucking on bars! THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE YOUR EVENT AND YOU GOT BEAT BY NOT JUST THE CHINESE BUT THE AMERICANS FOR GOD SAKE!

Another thing I also noticed in the past year is how Aliya who was not in good terms with Valentina when Alexandrov was her coach, has suddenly changed her attitude towards her.

There is a high possibility of all them buying her **** and getting her same attitude and that I’m afraid is not going to take them anywhere even if they were right about the Americans buying the judges, cheating, doing steroids or drinking Gummiberry juice to bounce like that lol

I like Vika’s gymnastics so that is not going to change but I don’t have that much hope for her or Aliya or the entire Russian team and the worst part is that they didn’t even show the best they could do. 

It’s game over.

It came sooner than I expected.

They didn’t even show a majestic floor routine to say goodbye…

I’m going to pretend Ksenia’s Euros routine was her last. 

Aspiringgymnast Vika: ok maybe I lost but at least I’m tall and skinny

Anna-rodionova K so I’ve heard about the stuff that Vika has said, but has anybody else said anything disrespectful? Because I keep seeing posts that refer to the whole Russian team instead of Komova as an individual.

Mypinkice You know what… **** it I’m going in. People stay up here coddling Vika. This girl is 20, she is not a child anymore. She is grown and should know better. And if she hasn’t learned to not be brat and sore loser by now after how long she’s been in this sport then Idk what will change that. Girl you fell TWICE and have the audacity to rant and accuse athletes of drug use (which let’s face it is probably partly body shaming on her part) like you were cheated out of a medal please get the **** out of here with that b*******!! Your country hasn’t been right in this sport for years. Take your L gracefully and be quiet. And the real messed up part is you know it’s even worse behind the scenes. Constantly putting the blame for your failing program on other countries and judges will do absolutely nothing. Russia needs to stop acting like they should be favored for being balletic and stuff they did 20+ years ago. People respect what you did but scores come down to what you are doing NOW and that ain’t shit besides bitching and complaining and placing the blame on everybody else. I’m done. 

Allhailrowling Vika. Sweetie. HALF THOSE FALLS WERE YOURS.

Music-maroney-and-mitochondria Is it awful that I find it hilarious that her apology says “I don’t have any proof” like… obviously there’s no proof because it’s just a thing you made up? Ah well. I’m not really one to judge, I’ve said some shady shit in the heat of the moment before.

Stone-faced-sunset I have no proof isn’t an apology

Tsarinamustafina Somehow I knew immediately once the apology came out that that was the phrasing everyone was going to hold on to. But unless you people are actually Russian, you should consider the translation. Much gets misinterpreted hence the phrase “lost in translation”.

“I have no proof” in context with the rest of what she wrote probably more accurately means something like “There’s nothing to suggest that what I said was true in any way, it was stupid and even I don’t truly think so”

If you read the original Russian apology, the “I have no proof” was the exact phrasing what she used there in Russian, and to see it translated word for word is a huge warning sign when reading a translation of any language, but especially a language like Russian with a style of expression very different from English and more idioms than one can learn during their lifetime.

Anyway, be careful with reading translations, especially if you’re caught up in only one word (proof/evidence) that seems out of place to you.

Papaliukin A lot of people in the VK group aren’t taking too kindly to Komova’s comments. While she has her supporters, many acknowledge that the Russian team simply didn’t get the job done while the Chinese and British did. They also praise the work ethic of the American gymnasts.

Not to mention they’re disappointed by her comments considering Aly Raisman has said such complimentary things of Komova. 

Whenramsesdestroyedsyria when your problematic fave falls twice and then talks s*** about the winners

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid