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Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

Romania's Larisa Iordache badly injured herself during warm up just moments before the qualification of the World championships which is being held in Montreal.

She completely tore her Achilles tendon and was flown home the following day for immediate surgery.

It was reported that the 21 year old gymnast will go through nine months recovery which means she will return to the gym in July.

Larisa would need lots of time to condition and regain her form which would make it impossible for her to be fully ready at the time of the next year's Worlds which will be held in Doha, Qatar in November.

Considering the current level of the Romanian gymnastics, fans predict that the country's federation might push her to compete uneven bars in Doha.

Iordache was a heavy favorite to shine in Montreal. She was rooted to win the all around and balance beam gold. 

The unfortunate gymnast wrote on social media following the injury that she was distraught and shocked calling it a nightmare but was grateful for the support and love she received from fans and fellow gymnasts.

 Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Ginnastica Artistica Italiana

After qualification in Montreal, Catalina Ponor took to Instagram to announce her retirement from the sport.

But for the fans who are not ready to let her go, Ponor informed them that they can still see her in action as she is set to compete in two more competitions.

We are yet to know what are these competitions but Cottbus Cup will be held next month, between 26 and 29 November. 

At the World championships, the Romanian gymnast had a disappointing qualification where she failed to make it to the finals.

Ponor had a fall on beam which she has won multiple titles on. While she finished in fourteenth place on floor exercise.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Ginnastica Artistica Italiana

Catalina Ponor has taken to Instagram to officially announce her retirement from the sport.

The Romanian gymnast, who failed to qualify to any final today in Montreal, has posted a photo that contained text bidding farewell to her fans.

"I was trying to do the beam routine exactly as I could do it. In training, it went very well. I know that I was prepared and I am pretty sure I could do a lot better than this. This happens. Competition is a competition. Right now, I am ok with leaving gymnastics."

Ponor has previously expressed desire to compete at Tokyo Olympics in 2020. After Montreal's podium training, she shocked fans by announcing that this will be her last World championships.

The 30 year old gymnast had a long successful career. She won five Olympic medals, three of which are gold and multiple European titles. She turned senior in 2003 and competed at three Olympic Games.

She made three comebacks after retiring in 2006,2007 and 2012.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Jeni Hull
Former Romanian gymnast and newly elected Romanian Gymnastics Federation Andreea Raducan gave insights on the current Romanian gymnastics situation during the broadcasting of National championships.

Raducan praised Larisa Iordache, who dominated the competition by winning four gold medals and a silver. She said that Larisa is a good competitor and is in great shape pointing out her positive attitude in training.

She hoped that veteran Catlina Ponor, who struggled during Nationals, would recover adding that it is no strange for an athlete to have pressure affect them regardless of their experience.

Ponor had two falls on balance beam during qualification. In the final, she came second to Larisa on beam and floor exercise.

She announced that only three female gymnasts will go to Worlds and both Iordache and Ponor have been selected. As for the men's team, they are going to send six.

The World championships, which will be held in Montreal next month, will only feature individual competitions. Countries are allowed to send up to four gymnasts.

The former Olympic gymnast briefly spoke about the Romanian gymnastics situation admitting that they have a shortage of coaches. 

"I thought we need to have a thorough examination of the athletes we have on the national team and also of our coaches," said Raducan "Because, whether we like it or not, our biggest issue is not the athletes, but the coaches. We have very few left, and not many are ready for the level required on the national team, and I don’t have a problem with admitting that."

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Jeni Hull

Romania's Catalina Ponor has always been known as a rock solid competitor. Simply, falls have never been in her dictionary especially on her strongest apparatus.

But things changed, starting from last year.

The veteran gymnast, who turned senior in 2003, had her first fall ever in a competition on vault at the Olympic test event. It looks like she was aiming at a full twisting Yurchenko but under-rotated it and landed after 3/4 twist which caused the falling.

Later that year, she had her first fall ever on balance beam, the apparatus she has always been known for being solid on. The fall took place at National championships. She fell on her double turn below horizontal.

At the most recent National championships, Catalina added two more falls on her resume. 

She had a fall on her Onodi 

GIF by postolympicworlds

and on her split ring jump.

GIF by postolympicworlds

A fall has been costing a full point since 2009.

But still, for such a long career, only having four falls in her entire career is something to admire.

Ponor turned senior in 2003. On balance beam, she is the 2004 Olympic champion, 2003 World silver medalist, 2005 World bronze medalist, five time European beam champion and 2016 European beam medalist.

On floor, she is the 2004 Olympic champion, 2003 World silver medalist, 2004 European champion, 2006 and 2012 European silver medalist and 2016 European bronze medalist.

Ponor first announced her retirement in 2006 then made a brief comeback in 2007. She made a comeback in 2011 and retired after the London Olympics. Her last comeback was in 2015.

Written by Gigi Farid

The Orthodox church has given a very generous donation to the national team training center in Deva.

The center has received a 16K worth of equipment, an acrotramp and a tumbling track, which are much needed. On August 9, Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara led the blessing rite for the gymnasts.

Nevertheless, a very popular Romanian gymnastics blogger on Tumblr called Aly raised concerns over the news:

The national team training center in Deva finally received an acrotramp and a tumbling track!

That’s the good news, but the completely baffling news is how they got it! It was a $16.000 worth donation from the Deva and Hunedoara Episcopate. Apparently, they visited the training center a few months ago and saw that the team needs this equipment, so they took it upon themselves to get it for them. Excuse me, what?!? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a lovely gesture, and at least it’s comforting to know the people’s money was being used for something worth while, because I assume the Church had that money from donations, too, but still…

How? Why? Do we really need the Church to identify the equipment the gymnasts on the national team need and make the effort to get it? We have a Federation for that! We have a Ministry for that! If the Church can get $16.000 for this purpose, why can’t the Federation or Ministry do something? Sure, maybe there are no money, but why can’t they draw sponsors? According to Forminte, they wanted and needed this for years, so I imagine he talked about it before and it got him nowhere.

It was possible for us to find enough money to spend over 600.000€ to organize Euros, but apparently, no one can do anything to get the equipment Deva needs. What a joke!

By Gigi Farid

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Photo by Jeni Hull

Catalina Ponor is more than determined to win a medal at the World championships, something she hasn't achieved in ten years.

The Romanian gymnast is working on upgrading her balance beam and floor exercise routines. She is training a round off to straight layout mount on beam which is worth an F. While on floor exercise, she is retraining a full twisting double back layout which is worth an H.

Ponor previously trained the difficult tumbling pass in 2012 and was aiming to compete it at the London event finals where she won a silver medal but her coaches decided that it was better for her to go for an easier routine.

The three time Olympic champion will be 30 years old at the upcoming World championships which will be held next October in Canada.

Her last World medal was a bronze in the team competition in 2007, while her last individual one was also a bronze on balance beam in 2005.

This year, Ponor won her fifth gold medal on balance beam at the European championships in Cluj.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Jeni Hull
Romanian gymnast Larisa Iordache is set to compete at the upcoming Universiade Games which will be held from 19 to 30 August in Taiwan. She will also be the flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the games.

Iordache will be the only Romanian gymnast to be competing in Taiwan.

There were reports that the US men will take part in the competition.

The Universiade Games is a multi sport event that takes place every two years.

Written by Gigi Farid

Stoica left - Raducan right
Adrian Stoica, who served as the President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation for three consecutive terms, has announced that he will no longer seek a re-election.

Stoica explained to what caused him to have a change of heart. He said that he would like to give a chance to the younger generation to lead the federation.

"We all live in a society which, unfortunately, is starting to forget that there comes a time when every one of us has to encourage the next generations to grow." said Stoica.

"Despite receiving several proposals from members to continue on with another term, even though grateful, I decided it’s time for the younger generation to get involved."

During the last election, Stoica had no opponents. Former Olympic champion Andreea Raducan is expected to run for the upcoming presidential election of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.

The election will be held on the fourth of August.

It is worth mentioning that Stoica has come under heavy attack in the past two years for the poor performance of the Romanian team. At the last World championships, they finished in 13th place in the qualification - the first time since 1974 they had finished worse than fourth. Laura Jurca and Larisa Iordache, managed to qualify to the all around final while Romania had no representation in the events final.

After the World championships, Stoica was sent an open later by the Romanian Olympic Committee where they urged him to find a solution to the downfall of the country's gymnastics recommending him to hire foreign coaches for uneven bars and sports psychologists to help the gymnasts.

He was offended by the letter accusing the committee of politicizing the situation adding that he is pleased with the results and that the downfall was only temporarily.

At last year's Rio Test Event, they failed to qualify a full team to the Olympics for the first time in 48 years. They were only able to send one gymnast to Rio, veteran Catalina Ponor, who failed to bring home a medal.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Jeni Hull
Last week, news broke out that Romanian gymnast Olivia Cimpian has left Romanian to train and compete for neighboring country Hungary.

The reason behind this, is that her parents believe that their training methods will benefit their daughter more than the current Romanian one. It is worth mentioning that Olivia's father, Marcel Cimpian used to play football in Hungary.

Romania's head coach Nicolae Forminte took to Facebook to confirm the news.

"I’m sad to confirm that Olivia Cimpian is no longer at the training camp in Deva. I informed the Federation and the Olympic Committee. The talks that were had with the gymnast’s parents are confidential and were amicable, Olivia and her parents not having complaints about the coaching staff. Personally, I was stunned. No one has nothing to hide, and there’s nothing wrong at the Deva training center. For now, my main goal is to try and diminish the emotional impact this had on the other members of the team, the focus being on training for the EYOF. From my point of view, there was no reason that justifies this decision. As painful as it might be, I will respect each family’s right to make decisions regarding their own children."

"Whatever happens from now on depends on the Sports Ministry, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation and the Olympic Committee. I hope Olivia will come back to Deva, where she is loved and respected unconditionally."

Cimpian turned senior this year and took part at the last European championships where she qualified to the all around final and finished in 23rd place.

She will be training alongside Hungarian gymnast Zsofia Kovacs who won a silver medal in the all around final at this year's European championships.

Written by Gigi Farid