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Perhaps wolf turns on balance beam are one of the most hated skills, but have you seen Vladislava's quad wolf turn!

Russian gymnast Vladislava Urazova is shown in a Tiktok video performing a well balanced quad wolf turn on balance beam.

The quad wolf turn is not yet in the CoP. The triple wolf turn is rated an E. However, such turns are capped at an E meaning the quad wolf turn will receive the same difficulty rating as the triple one.

Gymnasts have to perform their new skills at an FIG official competition in order to have it named after them. The skill must be minimum C difficulty. 

Urazova, who was born in 2004, turns senior this year. She is best known for winning four medals at the 2019 World Junior championships.

By Gigi Farid

Transitions with a full twist on bars exist in the Shaposh and Pak salto clubs. 

Thanks to Spanish Cintia Rodriguez, we might start seeing shoot to high bar transitions with full twist.

Rodriguez has been training "facing inward – Stalder bwd with release and counter movement fwd in flight to hang on HB" with a full twist. 

The original transition is rated a B, so with a full twist it might either get a D or an E rating.

Shaposh and Pak saltos with full twist club are all rated an E.

She has never competed the skill in a major competition.

Rodriguez turned senior in 2010. She competed at 2010, 2013 and 2014 World championships and the 2014, 2016 and 2017 European championships. Despite being eligible to compete at the last two Olympic Games, she was never an Olympian.

Written by Gigi Farid

Off bars, gymnasts have been doing a full twisting double back tuck since forever but a full twisting double front has never really existed in the CoP.

At 2011 Ghent World Cup, Israeli gymnast Valeria Maksyuta successfully ended her bars routine with a full twisting double tucked front. Since it was never competed at a World championships or Olympic Games, the dismount wasn't added to the CoP.

For junior gymnasts, they can have their skills added to the CoP and named after them when they compete it at the Youth Olympics.

The full twisting double back tuck and double tucked front are rated a D. Double tucked front half out was previously rated a D but has been upgraded to an E in the 2017-2020 CoP.

Most likely the full twisting double front tuck would be given an F rating.

Maksyuto, who has competed for her native country 'Ukraine' before moving to Israel, represented Israel at the 2012 Olympics where she finished in last place in the preliminaries. Her performance was considered to be the worst performance of an Israeli gymnast. 

Maksyuto herself described it as awful. She told the press afterwards that she was sorry and that she worked hard and gave it all.

Maksyuto was forced into retirement due to a back injury she sustained during the Olympics when she fell on her back during bars routine.

Gif by marksmcmorris

Written by Gigi Farid

A full twisting Shaposh transition is a clear hip circle with flight from low bar to high bar with a full twist. Since the D score of bars transitions is capped at an E, the skill is expected to receive an E rating once it gets competed at a World championships, Olympic Games or Youth Olympics.

Elizabeth Seitz of Germany originated a similar skill, a toe on circle with flight from low bar to high bar with a full twist. Popular Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina has competed it at 2013 World championships.

It is worth mentioning that if a gymnast performed a kip after Shaposhnikova type elements with or without full turn, it will be considered an empty swing hence a 0.5 deduction will apply.

The gymnast performing the skill in the GIF is called Chelsey Coleman, a former Utah recruit. She is believed to have perused a body building career after retiring from gymnastics.

By Gigi Farid

A Y turn is worth a C, a 1 1/2 Y turn is worth a D. So most likely a double Y turn will be worth an E.

There are several gymnasts who have competed/trained the skill.

Georgia-Mae Fenton of Great Britain


Romania's Paula Tudorache


Catherine Lyons of Great Britain 


Aiko Sugihara of Japan

Natalia Kapitonova of Russia


By Gigi Farid