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Rio Olympic silver medalist Nikita Nagornyy told that all the Russian gymnasts on the national team have been vaccinated against Covid 19.

“All of us have been vaccinated already. Everything’s great, we have the antibodies,” said Nagornyy.

The Tokyo Olympics is scheduled to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021.

Current polls in Japan show nearly 70% of the population do not want the Olympics to go ahead, but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) remains steadfast that the spectacle will take place.

“I try not to think about it because there’s been a lot of conflicting information in the past year. If you’re preparing for the Olympic Games, such information isn’t helpful. So, it’s better to keep it all out and train in peace,” the three time World champion commenting on the calls for cancelation of Games.

According to Gymnovosti, the locally developed COVID-19 vaccine has been available since last year and the Ministry of Sports announced that it would vaccinate the athletes back in January. The vaccination is voluntary but in addition to the protection from the virus, it offers certain perks – athletes who were vaccinated or had COVID-19 are allowed to leave Round Lake and on weekends and will not have to quarantine when they return to the training center.

Written by Gigi Farid

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Photo by Ginnastics Artistica Italina

With three medals, two of which are gold, Kenzo Shirai was the most successful gymnast at 2017 World championships. 

Videos of the Japanese gymnast doing well executed elements in women's artistic gymnastics have surfaced online which lead us to wonder if he plans to extend his success to the women's sport.

In this video, Kenzo can be seen performing on the uneven bars. He does highly competitive skills such as clear pike circle 1/1 (E) to Komova (E) and Inbar half (D) to piked Jaeger (E).

After Montreal, a video of Kenzo doing a triple Y turn on floor exercise went viral. Men do not perform turns on the event.

Russia's Aliya Mustafina, who originated the E rated turn, commented on the video saying Kenzo's execution is the 'best' and 'better than hers'.

Via illyria-and-her-pet

 Written by Gigi Farid

Former Olympic gymnast Rustam Sharipov has denied Gutsu's accusation regarding him being an enabler.

"To all concerned: I can only speak to the accusations pertaining to me, which are false. 
This is the first I have heard of any improper behavior," Rustam wrote in a Facebook post.

In a Metoo post, 1992 Olympic all around champion Gutsu alleged that legendary Soviet gymnast Vitaly Scherbo raped her while competing at the Stuttgart Cup back in 1991.

Gutsu accused Sharipov and teammate Tatiana Toropova of knowing about the rape incident and not standing up for her.

Toropova denied Gutsu's allegation but said that Vitaly did try to make out with her.

Sharipov received lots of support from fellow former gymnasts and friends who stressed that he is a "great person" and "would never do such a thing".

Among which are 1996 Olympic all around champion Lilia Podkapayeva of Ukraine and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu.

"We all know that you are person of great integrity, judgment and character. I stand with you and I believe you," Lilia wrote.

"I've known you for years and know you are an honest person. I know how much you care about women and children. You would never knowingly allow abuse to happen. I've heard all sides of this story and something isn't right. As many know I stand with any woman (when true which is most of the time) who has been victimized and comes forward from abuse. However, I do believe Rustam when he says he wasn't aware of any of the abuse because he would never cover for anyone who did this kind of sick thing. He's the most honest and decent human being," Dominique wrote.

Former US gymnast Kathy Johnson, who competed at 1984 Olympics, was the only one who did not discredit Gutsu's story suggesting that Rustam would sit down with Tatiana and sort things out.

"This has been an extremely upsetting time for anyone who loves our sport and its heroes. I hope it is possible for you, Rustam, and Tatiana to sit down with someone - perhaps Svetlana Boguinskaia who knows and loves you both - to sort through the horror Tatiana endured because of Vitaly Scherbo's inexcusable, reprehensible and CRIMINAL behavior. Perhaps memories are clouded by trauma and she remembers you there at some point and assumes you had to know. My hope is that you both can work toward the truth and that the love and unconditional support you are receiving from your friends and family here can help lead to some resolution. For everyone's sake."

1988 Olympic vault champion and Gutsu's former teammate Boginskaya has previously defended Rustam on Gutsu's original post.

During his career, Rustam competed for the Unified Team at 1992 Olympics, where he won gold in the team competition, and later for Ukraine. He won gold on parallel bars and bronze with the team at 1996 Olympics.

He currently resides in the United States where he works at Ohio State University.

Written by Gigi Farid

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Russian gymnast David Belyavskiy announced on Instagram that his wife, whom he got married to in last year's October, gave birth to a baby girl.

The two time Olympic medalist and his wife named their daughter Alisiya. She was born on September 6th.

His teammate Denis Ablyazin, along with his wife former Olympic Russian gymnast Ksenia Semenova, had a baby boy last January.

Belyavskiy has been a vital member of the Russian team. He helped the team to win a silver medal at 2016 Olympics, individually he won a bronze medal on parallel bars.

He won a total of thirteen European championships medals between 2012 and 2017, five of which are gold. David was named to his country's 2017 Worlds team.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by livesport
Russian gymnast Aleksandr Balandin has announced his retirement from the sport.

Balandin, whose last competition was the 2014 European championships, suffered from a shoulder injury that required surgery. Since then, he had never regained his former level.

The 28 year old athlete has three skills named after him in the CoP, all of which are rated an E.

Rings is his strongest apparatus, on which he placed fourth at the Olympics, won silver at 2013 Worlds and, gold at 2012 and 2014 Europeans.

He was part of the 2012 Russian Olympic team who finished in sixth place in the team final and 2014 Russian European team who won gold.

He now coaches children at Petrozavodsk, but still unsure about his future.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Artistica Ginnastica Italiana

The Japanese men's gymnastics team to the upcoming Worlds has been announced.

The team will consist of:

Legendary Kohei Uchimura, three time Olympic champion and ten time World champion.
Kenzo Shirai, Olympic and three time World champion.
Kohei Kameyama, World champion.
Keisuko Asano, Wataru Tanigawa and Hidetaka Miyachi.

Last June, the WAG team was announced. It will consist of Asuka Teramoto and 2016 Olympians Mai Murakami, Sae Miyakawa and Aiko Sugihara.

The upcoming World championships will be held between October 2 and 8 in Montreal. It will only feature individual competitions.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo via Instagram
US gymnast Jake Dalton has announced his retirement from the sport in an interview with

Dalton said that the reason behind his decision is that he could no longer mentally and physically continue competing and training high level in gymnastics .

"I tried to take a little bit of a break and recover [after the Olympics]," said Dalton. "It was really hard to enjoy going into the gym every single day, hurting that much on all the events"

He added that being a part of the US Olympic team for a second time was a "really special thing" and that he would like to end his career on a high note.

The retired athlete is now focusing on his next step which will be helping in managing his family's gyms in Nevada. He dreams of purchasing the gyms from them and to take ownership.

The 25 year old former gymnast has won a total of four medals at World championships, bronze with the team in 2011 and 2014, bronze on vault in 2014 and silver on floor exercise in 2013.

At both Olympic games (2012-2016), he contributed to his team's fifth place finish.

Written by Gigi Farid

It was reported that Diego Hypolito won't be able to compete at the upcoming national championships.

The reason of his absence from the competition is that he is recovering from a surgery he had last December on his spine. He has not participated in any competition ever since.

Nevertheless, The Brazilian has been given medical clearance to return to competition later this month. 

Diego won a silver medal on floor exercise at the last Olympic Games. He is the first male gymnast from Brazil, and South America, to win a medal at the World Championships.

He has five World medals on floor exercise in his records 

Written by Gigi Farid