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Russia's Ksenia Afanasyeva won a gold medal today in Montpellier. This is her second European gold medal, the first was won on the same event at 2013 European championships.

The Russian gymnast received a score of a 14.733. 

UK Claudia Fragapane won her long awaited individual medal. She took silver with a score of 14.633. 

Claudia placed sixth in the all around and on vault, and fourth on balance beam.

The bronze medal went to the all around European champion Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland who had the highest execution score.

For the second time in Montpellier, Erika Fasana of Italy finished fourth.

Marta Kulesza of Poland, Amy Tinkler of UK and Maria Kharenkova of Russia placed in fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.

While Andreea Munteanu of Romania finished in last place.

Written by Gigi Farid
Romania's Andreea Munteanu saved Romania today from leaving the competition with no medals which would have been the first time in 44 years.

Andreea Munteanu who was named to the Euro team after her compatriot Larisa Iordache had to withdraw due to a nagging old injury, won gold medal with a score of 14.366.

Great Britain's Becky Downie earned her second silver medal in Montpellier. She scored less than Munteanu by less than a tenth. The bronze medal surprisingly went to Claire Martin of France. This is France's first European medal in women's gymnastics in five years.

Claudia Fragapane of UK missed out on a bronze medal and placed fourth. While the other four gymnasts suffered from falls including reigning European beam champion Maria Kharenkova of Russia who finished in sixth place.

Greek Vasiliki Millousi fell on her dismount, Germany's Pauline Schaefer fell on her signature acrobatic element, a side somi with half twist and Sanne Wevers of Netherland fell on one of her simplest skills, a full turn with leg at horizontal.

1- Romania's Andreea Munteanu, 14.366
2- UK Becky Downie, 14.300
3-France's Claire Martin 14.200
4-UK Claudia Fragapane 13.900
5-Greece Vasiliki Millousi 13.233
6-Russia's Maria Kharenkova 13.200
7- Germany's Pauline Schaefer 13.100
8-Netherlands' Sanne Wevers 11.900

Written by Gigi Farid

Russia's Daria Spridonova managed to earn Russia's second gold medal today in women's gymnastics.

Spridonova who won a bronze medal on uneven bars at last year's European championships beat the reigning European bars champion Becky Downie of Great Britain

Spridonova scored a 15.466 thus outscoring Downie by more than two tenth.

Unanticipated, Sanne Wevers of Netherlands who turned senior eight years ago, won her first ever medal at a major international competition.

She finished in third place with score of 14.200. The silver medalist's younger sister Elissa Downie missed out on a medal but just one tenth.

Russia's Maria Kharenkoba and France's Loan His suffered from falls and ended up in seventh and last place respectively.

Italy's Martina Rizzelli finished in fifth place while Swiss Giulia Steingruber finished in sixth place.

Written by Gigi Farid

Russia's Marisa Paseka won today in Montpellier her first individual gold medal at a major international competition.

Paseka competed two of the most difficult vaults, a Cheng (6.4) and an Amanar (6.3) which heavily contributed to her gold medal win. She scored a 15.250.

The Russian gymnast was not originally selected to be on the Euro team but stepped in when her compatriot Alla Sosnitskaya sustained an injury during podium training and was forced to withdraw.

Her teammate Ksenia Afanasyeva competed also an Amanar and won her first vault medal at one of the top major international competitions. She scored a 14.866 which was enough to earn her a bronze medal.

Montpellier was the first European competition for both Russian gymnasts in two years.

The two time European vault champion Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland settled for silver with a score of 15.149.

Dutch gymnast and 2013 European vault silver medalist finished in fourth position. While Elissa Downie and Claudia Fragapane of UK  finished in fifth and sixth place respectively.

France's Camille Bahl placed 7th and Teja Belak of Slovenia placed 8th.

Written by Gigi Farid

Yesterday in Montpellier, Romanian gymnasts Diana Bulimar and Laura Jurca finished far behind the all around bronze medalist Ellie Downie of Great Britain.

With slightly clean execution and no major D score, the Romanian girls did not have a chance in making the competition's podium. Bulimar's highest score was a 14.000 on balance beam, the sixth highest score on that event. Her all around score placed her in 10th place.

“I will work hard, even harder than now in order to seek my redemption”

Lucian Sandu, the coach who went with the Romanian gymnasts in France, told TVR “Basically, Diana hasn’t competed in almost a full year. She doesn’t trust herself at the moment”

On the other hand, fresh senior Laura Jurca, finished her first major senior competition with a seventh place. The gap between her score and Downie's is over two points. 

“We have to train harder and push ourselves more” said Jurca. 

Written by Alex Mladinescu

Sweden's Jonna Adlerteg has torn her ACL during her participation at Montpellier's all around final.

The 19 year old gymnast sustained the injury when she was performing on floor exercise during the first rotation of the competition. She landed badly on one of her skills and was rushed to the hospital. She will most likely miss the rest of this year's competitions. 

On Wednesday, Adlerteg had a disappointing performance as she fell on her strongest apparatus hence failing to qualify to the event's final. After the competition, she told Swedish media that she seeks redemption in the all around final.

Nonetheless, she is looking forward to compete at Rio Olympic Games next year.

In 2013, Jonna caught the gym fans attention when she won Swedish first European medal in over 50 years.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Screen shot via flippyflippynutella
Today at Montpellier's all around final, two gymnast made history for their countries.

Giulia Steingruber who won the gold medal, became the first female or male Swiss gymnast to win a European all around title. She is also the first female or male Swiss gymnast to win an all around title at a major international competition since Walther Lehmann in 1950.

Steingruber finished in fourth place at the previous European championships.

In her first senior year, Ellie Downie of Great Britain impresses in the final. She won a bronze medal, making her the first female British gymnast to a medal at a major international competition.

The silver medal went to Russia's Maria Kharenkova who was heavily favorite to win the title.

This is the first time for a non Russian gymnast to win the all around gold at European championships since Vanessa Ferrari of Italy in 2007.

Italy's Erika Fasana lost the bronze by less than two tenths and settled for fourth place. UK Claudia Fragapange finished sixth, Romania's Diana Bulimar finished tenth while Russia's Daria Spiridonova who had the highest score in the competition, a 15.350 on bars, finished in thirteenth place.

The unfortunate Swedish gymnast Jonna Adlerteg suffered an injury on her very first apparatus and was forced to withdraw.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

What we did not like about Montpellier's qualification.

Diana Bulimar
Photo by SIlvia Vatteroni

Diana Bulimar Not Qualifying To Any Event Final

Romania's Diana Bulimar who went to Montpellier as the most experienced Romanian gymnast, failed to make any event final.

She had a low beam D score (5.5) and wobbles here and there.

and a fall on floor exercise.

Remember that she is coming out from two consecutive knee injuries. On the bright side, she is going to be seen in the all around final, although we can't have high expectation on her making the podium.

Eythora Thorsdottir Not Making Event Finals

She is a rising fan favorite. Fans had huge desire to see her in beam and floor finals, but unfortunately she did not make either finals.

She had a very beautiful floor choreo,

but went out of bounds on her triple full. 

She tied with Romania's Andreea Munteanu in eighth place but lost the tie due having the lower E score. 

On beam, she lost some of her connections. She scored a 13.8.

Nevertheless, she qualified in seventh place to the all around final.

Romania's Andreea Iridon Falling On Bars

Iridon is considered to be Romania's biggest hope on uneven bars but her performance in the qualification was disheartening.

She had a fall on the simplest skill on the event,

and another on her release.

On beam, she is first reserve.

Russia's Daria Spiridonova Taking A Very Easy Fall On Her Dismount.

Dasha is really beautiful to watch on beam but she seems to make a habit of falling off the event.  She had an incredibly easy fall on her dismount, you do not need to be an expert to know that she could have saved it.


Russia's Maria Paseka will not compete at bars final despite finishing in fifth place due to two per country rule.
UK Amy Tinkler who is the national all around champion, did not qualify to the all around final.
No Dutch Noel Van Klaveren in the all around.
Swedish and 2013 uneven bars European silver medalist suffered a fall on bars and won't be in the event final.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Nine reasons to be excited about Montpellier's final

Erika Fasana
Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
1-We Are Gonna See Russia's Maria Kharenkova At Four Finals.

Kharenkova qualified first to the all around and balance beam finals, fifth and third to floor and uneven bars finals respectively.

2-Netherlands' Noel Van Klaveren Qualified to Vault Final

She is the 2013 European silver medalist on that event. She has one of the cleanest twisting forms, no leg separation and most definitely no helicopter legs. 

Klaveren qualified in six position, with a double twisting Yurchenko and half on half out vaults.  She is a medal contender on that event.

3-Romania's Andreea Munteanu FINALLY Makes An Individual Final

Munteanu had a very disappointing results in her first senior year. She failed to qualify to any individual final at either Worlds or Europeans. This year, she was not even selected to represent Romania at this European championships.

A nagging old injury forced team leader Larisa Iordache to withdraw from the Euro team, hence Munteanu replaced her. She qualified in fourth and eighth place on beam and floor respectively.

Andreea will be the only Romanian gymnast who will compete at event finals in Montpellier.

4-Swiss Giulia Steingruber  Qualifies to Four Finals, Including Her Weakest Event Final.

Qualifying first to floor and vault finals, check, qualifying second to the all around, that's our Giulia, but qualifying to the uneven bars, her weakest event, that is something.

The girl is fierce and ready to spread her wings in Montpellier. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time for Giulia to qualify to bars final at a major international competition.

5-Russia's Daria Spiridonova Recieved The Highest Score In Qualification

Spiridonova had the highest score in Montpellier's qualification, which she received on uneven bars, a 15.241. Last year, she won a bronze medal on the event at Worlds and Europeans.

Additionally, for the first time we are going to see Dasha as an all arounder at a major international competition, she qualified in ninth place.

6-We Are Going To See Double Downies In One Final

Not only will UK Becky Downie be able to defend her European bars title but also compete against her baby and newly turned senior sister Ellie Downie.

Becky qualified second to uneven bars and balance beam final, while Ellie qualified second to vault final, third to all around final and sixth to bars final.

7-Dutch Sanne Wevers, The Queen of Balance Beam Turns, Makes Beam Final

Wevers had wowed the gym internet before for her risky multiple turns and turn connections. This the first time for her to qualify to an event final at a major international competition.

P.S hopefully she upgrades by the final.

8-We Are Gonna See Ksenia Afanasyeva As A Vaulter For The First Time At Europeans

Afanasyeva earned a ticket to the vault and floor final. This is the first one of the top three major international competitions (Euro, Worlds, Olympics) for Afanasyeva in two years.

This will also be the first time for Afan to present herself as a vaulter at European championships.

9-Longtime No See, Paseka At Last Is In Euros

Paseka has suffered from injuries the past two years. Just like Munteanu, she was not originally named to represent Russia in Montpellier, but teammate Alla Sosnitskaya suffered an injury during podium training and Paseka was called up.

She is going to be seen in vault finals. She placed fifth on bars during the qualification but due to having two of her teammates outscore her (two per country rule), she won't compete on bars.


Erika Fasana competes for the first time at a European AA final.
30 year old Greek gymnast Vasiliki Millousi qualifies to beam final.
Great Britain is the only country to have two gymnasts competing in each final.
Claudia Fragapane qualified to all around, vault, beam and floor final.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Italy's veteran gymnast Vanessa Ferrari who qualified to the all around in tenth place yesterday, has withdrawn from the all around final competition which will be held next Friday.

Her teammate Martina Rizzelli who had the third highest all around score for Italians and placed twelfth in the qualification, will replace her.

According to Ginnastica Artistica Italiana, Vanessa decided to pull out as she is still in a phase of recovery and she needs a smooth recovery in order to be able to do her best. 

She also does not want to experience physical stress.

On the other hand, Rizelli is in her second senior year and needs experience. 

It is worth to mention that we will not be seeing Ferrari any further in Montpellier as she has failed to qualify to any event final. Last year, Ferrari won her first gold medal at European championships since 2007. Her gold was on her strongest event, the floor exercise.

Beside the all around, Martina Rizzelli will be seen at uneven bars final.

Regarding the other two Italians, Erika Fasana qualified to the all around and floor final while Carlotta Ferlito did not make any final.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

Photo by Jeni Hull
After the European Championship podium training, TVR tells us all about the Romanian team.

“We have to focus more in order to good result in the qualifications” said the captain of the Romanian team in Montpellier, Diana Bulimar. 

Having their first major international competition as seniors, Laura Jurca and Andreea Iridon were nervous and they missed some of their elements. However, with the unconditional support of their coaches, the girls know what they need to do.

“I need to be more confident and to believe in myself more in order to do my routines exactly as I trained them. I know I can do it.” said Jurca.

On the other hand, Diana Bulimar and Andreea Munteanu left the podium training near midnight after the training was over. Bulimar had a very good floor routine and managed to stay on beam despite having wobbles here and there.

“It went pretty well. I still have something to say on beam, because even if I had some problems there, it was just because I had a bad day giving the fact that it so late in the evening. But overall I think it will be ok” said Bulimar.

Andreea Munteanu who is enlisted on beam and floor, trained only her beam routine. She didn’t manage to train her floor routine, displeasing her coaches.

The European Championships continues tomorrow with the WAG qualifications. You can find the latest updates and full coverage on our Facebook page.

Written by Alex Mladinescu

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Russian gymnast Alla Sosnitskaya has sustained a foot/ankle injury during podium training in Montpellier. Hence, she withdrew from the competition.

Olympic vault bronze medalist and Russia's Maria Paseka has replaced her. This will be Paseka's first top major international competition since 2013 European championships in Moscow.

According to the start list, Paseka will compete on vault and uneven bars. Sosnitskaya was one of the two Russian gymnasts who were set to compete in the all around, the other being European beam champion Maria Kharenkova. Since she is out of the competition, Daria Spiridonova who went as an event specialist, will replace her.

The Russian coaches are yet to announce Alla's withdrawal. It is worth to mention that the Russian gymnast was named to her country's team that will compete in the first edition of European games. 

We are yet to know how serious her injury is and if it will affect her participation in Baku. 

Anna Pavlova of Azerbaijan has also withdrawn due to elbow injury.

Updates: Rodionenko talked about Alla's injury to

"We figured out yesterday at the training that Alla can't compete bcz of problems with her ankle. We had to make an extra changing - Maria Paseka. Masha has already joined the team this morning. We still don't know what kind of injury Alla has, we sent her on check to Moscow".

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

It was confirmed that Russian born Azerbaijani gymnast Anna Pavlova has been forced to withdraw from the 2015 European championships.

The unfortunate gymnast injured her elbow yesterday while she was training on bars during podium training in Montpellier.

Last year, she made her comeback debut at a major international competition at European championships where she won her first European individual medal in nine years.

Her medal was a silver on her strongest apparatus, the vault.

The competition is set to start tomorrow and end on 19th of April.

Written by Gigi Farid

Photo by Silvia Vatteroni
Just a couple of days till the 32nd European women's gymnastics championships and here are the defending European medalists.

All Around

Aliya Mustafina

Medal: Gold 
Country: Russia
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, she is recovering from back pain.

Larisa Iordache

Medal: Silver
Country: Romania
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, due to old injury

Anastasia Grishina

Medal: Bronze
Country: Russia
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, due to re-injuring her knee


Giulia Steingruber

Medal: Gold
Country: Switzerland
Will she be competing in Montpellier: Yes

Anna Pavlova

Medal: Silver
Country: Azerbaijan 
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, she suffered an injury during the competition's podium training.

Larisa Iordache

Medal: Bronze
Country: Romania
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, due to old injury

Uneven Bars

Becky Downie

Medal: Gold
Country: Great Britain 
Will she be competing in Montpellier: Yes

Aliya Mustafina

Medal: Silver
Country: Russia
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, recovering from back injury

Daria Spiridonova

Medal: Bronze
Country: Russia
Will she be competing in Montpellier: Yes

Balance Beam

Maria Kharenkova

Medal: Gold
Country: Russia
Will she be competing in Montpellier: Yes

Larisa Iordache

Medal: Silver
Country: Romania
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, due to an old injury

Aliya Mustafina

Medal: Bronze
Country: Russia
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, recovering from back injury


Larisa Iordache

Medal: Gold
Country: Romania
Will she be competing in Montpellier: No, due to an old injury

Vanessa Ferrari

Medal: Gold
Country: Italy
Will she be competing in Montpellier: Yes

Giulia Steingruber

Medal: Bronze
Country: Switzerland
Will she be competing in Montpellier: Yes

Please note that there will be no team final in Montpellier, only individual finals.

Written by Gigi Farid

The 2015 European gymnastics championships will be held from 15 to 19 April 2015 in Montpellier, France.

Here are the gymnasts whom you are not going to see at upcoming Europeans. 

Aliya Mustafina of Russia, the reigning European all around champion, recovering from injuries.

Article: Russia's Aliya Mustafina Out of 2015 European Championships.

Anastasia Grishina of Russia, all around bronze medalist at the last European all around competition, re injuring her knee.

Article: Russia's Anastasia Grishina Out Of Russian Nationals And European Championships.

Larisa Iordache of Romania, the reigning European floor champion and all around silver medalist at the last European all around competition, pain in her left ankle.

Article: Larisa Iordache Withdraws From 2015 European Championships Due To Injury.

Gabby Jupp of Great Britain, a second ACL tear.

Article: A Second ACL Tear For Gabby Jupp.

Anna Rodionova of Russia, 2014 European bronze medalist with her team, did not compete at this year's Russian championships.

Rebecca Tunney of Great Britain, 2014 European silver medalist with her team, sustaining an injury.

Ruby Harrold of Great Britain, 2014 European silver medalist with her team, sustaining an injury.

Stefania Stanila and Silvia Zarzu of Romania, 2014 European gold medalists with their team, were not selected to represent their team.

Hannah Whelan of Great Britain, 2014 European silver medalist with her team, retirement.

Article: Double Olympian Hannah Whelan Announces Retirement.

Viktoria Komova of Russia, two time Olympic silver medalist, was not selected to represent her team after unimpressive performance at nationals.

Article: Russia Releases Its Nominative List For 2015 European Championships.

Seda Tutkhaulan of Russia, Olympic Youth all around champion, was not selected to represent her team.

Article: Turning Senior: Seda Tutkhalyan of Russia.

Janine Berger of Germany, Olympic vault fourth placer, recovering from an ACL tear.

Article: Germany’s Janine Berger Tears Her ACL Just Six Weeks Before Worlds.

Elisa Meneghini of Italy, was not selected to represent her country.

Roxana Popa of Spain, recovering from ACL tear.

Article: Gallery: Spain's Roxana Popa's Road To Recovery After An ACL Tear.

By Gigi Farid