Previously known as WOGymnastike,  WOGymnastikA is a blog turned website founded by Gigi Khazback Farid on the 13th of July in 2012. WOGymnastikA brings you the latest updates on women’s artistic gymnastics as well as exclusive interviews with your favorite gymnasts. We also produce interesting and exclusive columns like Old But Gold, Strange But True, Meet The Originators, Behind The Scenes of Gymnastics Blogging and many more.

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Gigi Khazback Farid (Founder, Editor) from Cairo Egypt. I started  WOGymnastika on the 13th of July 2012.  I bring to you the latest updates on gymnastics as well as    write articles on the sport’s hottest topics and do interviews with your favorite gymnasts. I can speak  English and Arabic fluently and intermediate Italian. I work as an administrator and assistant correspondent in middle east bureau.

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My name is Talitha Ilacqua, I live in London (UK), where I am a PhD candidate in History at King’s College London. I write opinion pieces for World of Gymnastika, as well as report on the main news. I can read English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and some basic Basque, Dutch and Romanian, which allows me to be up to date on most gymnastics news around the world (except for Russia, unfortunately). Women’s artistic gymnastics is my specialty, but I have some knowledge of diving and rhythmic gymnastics too

Valerie is a contributing writer and Chinese correspondent for World of Gymnastika. Her main interests include exploring new perspectives to appreciate gymnastics, exchanging visions on the beauty and future of gymnastics,  and using the many inspirational stories in the sport to bring about positive impact in society.

Alex Mladinescu,from Romania’s biggest town Craiova. I frequently translate interviews, articles and news from Romanian press. I also write articles and reviews on Romanian gymnastics.

I have finished the Police Academy – History – Records and Archival Management section and I’m now working at the National Archives of Romania in the district of Dolj which is also the district of my hometown. I have also a master degree in Archival Management and in the future I’d like to start my PhD in history.

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Anastasia Bostanaru, from the Republic of Moldova. I am the Russian translator of WOGymnastika. My mother tongue is Romanian and additionally to that I speak Spanish, English and French. I own a gymnastics column at a local news website since 2012. I was the the gymnastics commentator at the 2012 London Olympics for national television channel, which exclusively broadcast the event. I have a bachelor degree in International Economic Relations and a master degree in PR and Advertising. I have been playing handball since 2003 and I am currently the silver medalist with my team in the national championship.

We’d like to thank photographers Laura Andrea (L.A@Photography), Sing Lo (, Jeni Hull  and Silvia Vatteroni for collaborating and giving us the permission to publish their wonderful gym photos.