It is so frustrating to see gymnasts landing their Amanars before completing the last half twist and getting credited for it.

Photo by Sing Lo

But in this post, we recall the time judges downgraded a fully rotated Amanar by China's Cheng Fei.

At the team final of the 2006 World championships, Fei competed an Amanar but got credited for a double twisting Yurchenko.

An Amanar was worth a 6.5 D score while a double twisting Yurchenko was worth a 5.8 under the 2006 -2008 CoP.

Here is Cheng's Amanar:

Here is hers from top angle view

Here is when she landed it

Via omgsamchap

While it is not fully rotated in a perfect sense, it was closer to an Amanar than a double twisting Yurchenko or even a two and quarter twist.

Nonetheless, the CoP is very strict on completing the twists. Here is a screenshot of the 2017-2020 CoP:

What do you think? Were the judges picky or not?

Written by Gigi Farid



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