Rebeca Andrade at the Varna World Cup. Photograph: YouTube

As part of our 2017 recap, here is our ten favourite vaults of the year.

1. Rebeca Andrade (Brazil) – September, Varna World Cup

One of the best vaults of the year was Rebeca Andrade’s fantastically high Amanar last September. She is possibly the only gymnast who has ever competed an Amanar after tearing her ACL. Impressive!

2. Jordan Chiles (USA) – August, P&G Championships

Jordan Chiles’ Amanar is also very impressive, high and with a very solid landing. Hopefully, she will be able to compete it at Worlds next year.

3. Maria Paseka (Russia) – October, World Championships

The 2015 and 2017 vault World champion had an up and down season, but things came together at Worlds, where Maria Paseka managed to pull out one of her best Amanars to defend her title. Congratulations!

4. Jade Carey (USA) – October, World Championships

A Level 10 gymnast only one year ago, Jade Carey came out of nowhere in 2017 and competed a huge Amanar. She has so much power that her landings are still a little out of control, but her height and poise are impressive.

5. Alex McMurtry (Florida) – March, LSU v. Florida

NCAA national champion Alex McMurtry performs arguably the best double-twisting Yurchenko in the world. Her height, distance and control on landing are unparalleled.

6. Leanne Wong (USA, junior) – August, P&G Championships

One of the best vaults in the junior rankings is performed by Leanne Wong, who impressed with her height, precision and beautiful landings. Her form and lines are gorgeous to watch!

7. Ellie Downie (Great Britain) – April, European Championships

The European all around champion performs a very clean and powerful DTY, she is beautifully consistent!

8. Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland) – October, World Championships

Giulia Steingruber’s Rudi has become more and more consistent over the years, and last October it won her a bronze medal at the World Championships. Hard work pays off, congratulations!

9. Kennedi Edney (LSU) – April, NCAA Championships

Kennedi Edney began her college career in January 2017 with a stuck one-and-a-half twisting Yurchenko, worth of a 9.950. At the NCAA Championships, she stuck the same vault again and was crowned vault national champion. The future looks bright!

10. Ashleigh Gnat (LSU) – May, training

Senior Ashleigh Gnat was known for her beautiful DTY, one of the few in the NCAA. But before saying goodbye to gymnastics in May, she performed her first and only Amanar vault…and she landed it on her feet. A sweet goodbye at the end of a wonderful career, she will be missed!

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Article by Talitha Ilacqua


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